WWE: 5/9/11 RAW Review (What We Can Expect on the Road to Over the Limit)

Seth GrausContributor IIIMay 10, 2011

Hello Bleachers! Let's jump right into it! Here is a brief review of today's RAW, as well as some speculation on what we can expect in the future.

RAW Review:

Raw started off decently, with a solid promo between Del Rio, Mysterio, and Miz, regarding who was more deserving of a Number One Contender's spot. While R-Truth, who interrupted these three men, gave a promo that seemed to drag on a little bit, it was still entertaining, and the guy really can get a reaction.

In the end, RAW's anonymous general manager announced a triple threat match including everyone but R-Truth for said Contender's spot, with Cena being allowed to come up with the stipulation.

The Diva's segment, which came next, was a little bit dull to me. I have to admit, I paid more attention just to see a little bit of Kharma, who managed to have a decent showing afterwards. She truly is a monster, and I can't wait to see her face off with someone who actually has a fighting chance.

One thing that I am completely NOT in support of is a Mason Ryan push. I was absolutely exasperated when I saw Kane's reaction to "Batistwo" last week on RAW, but thankfully, he was on the receiving end of a double-choke slam today, following a singles match between him and Kane (which quickly turned to disaster).

While I was able to breathe a sigh of relief regarding that, I am still annoyed at CM Punk's burial. The New Nexus is simply at the bottom, when it comes to stables, and I really wish that CM Punk, a guy who has a lot of skill, was being used somewhere else.

Dolph Ziggler (whose hair has been a topic of much debate) came out to face Santino Marella in a very brief match. Vickie Guerrero truly is annoying, but honestly, it is hard to transfer that heat to Ziggler. He really needs to start being his own character.

Regardless, he is very solid in the ring, and I hope he is given a good push soon.

In a very interesting side of RAW, Alex Riley came out and challenged Cena to a one-on-one match. While he did fall victim to the "Five Moves of Doom," I think he really came off strong as a guy who can get a reaction. I really hope something interesting comes out of the Riley/Miz situation, but for tonight, all we really saw was a rehash of what happened on the Road to Wrestlemania.

I don't want to give Michael Cole too much time in this article, so I will leave it at this: get off of my television set. The commentator feud is poisoning matches, and as well, is taking up valuable time that could be given to many other superstars.

While it was refreshing to see Swagger in a singles match with someone who was thankfully not an elderly man (in a very fun match with Kofi Kingston), the Cole/Lawler feud was continued today. The feud should have ended at Wrestlemania, and I don't understand what this massive Cole push is going to lead to.

As a quick tangent (with lots of personal opinion involved), I do think it is weird that blood and swearing are limited on RAW, while racist undertones and making fun of mothers dying were featured prominently in this episode. It is a small gripe, though, and in the end, I am enjoying the product quite a bit.

And one of the reasons for me enjoying said product was the main event of RAW today. Mysterio, Del Rio, and the Miz brought their A-game in a match with lots of great spots, a great and fast-paced intro segment, and many close falls that had me convinced.

When Del Rio locked in the Cross Arm Breaker, I thought it was done. When Mysterio kicked Miz off the apron and did his flying headbutt to Del Rio, I thought it was done. The third time was indeed the charm, when the Miz caught Mysterio with a roll-up.

Although it is clear that the WWE wants referee Mike Chioda to look like a moron (reversing the decision on the Miz match last week, while letting A-Ri blatantly cheat this week), the somewhat strange ending was still acceptable in my eyes, and I was thoroughly impressed.

John Cena, after the match, announced that he would face the Miz at Over the Limit in an "I Quit" match. While a lot of people feel as though the Miz's fate is sealed, I do find it interesting that he is essentially going into this match as an underdog.

So with that brief overview, I'll give you a quick overview of the things I liked. The main event, Kofi's match with Swagger, Kharma's continued rampage, the majority of what R-Truth did, as well as the mic work from the majority of the superstars tonight were all awesome.

But more than anything, I loved seeing Zack Ryder fist pumping with Cena! WOO WOO WOO, you know it. Let's hope that we see him more often. 

From the things I didn't like, it was mainly the continuation of Lawler/Cole, CM Punk's continued burial, as well as seeing the New Nexus on TV altogether. But alas, I shouldn't be too picky.

All in all, I really enjoyed RAW!


What can we expect?

Today's RAW featured a video package highlighting Christian's rise and fall. The video did a good job of gaining sympathy for Christian, and I can honestly say (going against my original estimation regarding the situation), that this angle is indeed going to be played up, and that a very interesting Orton/Christian angle may be in the works.

As well, R-Truth (after his assault on Mysterio at the end of the show), will most likely be feuding with the masked superstar. Being a Morrison fan, it sucks that the guy has to have surgery, and I wish him a speedy recovery!

Kharma's push is indeed going to continue, and as sad as it may sound, CM Punk's de-push may as well.

I love Big Show and Kane, and I'm sure they'll get some program going too, but in the end, the matches have been either them getting squashed, or them squashing somebody, so I'm pretty "meh" about it.

Dolph "Haircut" Ziggler will probably continue being himself, until something interesting happens (not knocking on the guy, I want him to get pushed!).

And of course, The Miz/Cena program is going to continue, with an "I Quit" match in the works. With Cena's "Never Give Up" reputation, I certainly hope that this match is made a little less predictable.

Imagine a spot with Cena asking the Miz to quit, with Miz's response being: "I... am awesome!"

I have faith in both guys, and in the end, I think Over the Limit will be just as good as Extreme Rules (and even if it isn't, it will at least be celebrated as the end of the Lawler/Cole feud).

Feel free to comment Bleachers, whether you agree, disagree, or love Ryder's shades as much as I do!