Will Clemson Roar on Saturday? It May All Hang on This Game!

Matt ElmoreContributor IOctober 16, 2008

This is a pivotal game for Tiger Nation.

Tommy is gone, and Swinney is in. This is what we wanted—but how will it pan out?

This Saturday will be a game in which everything a Clemson fan has wanted in the last couple seasons has come true. Tommy and Spence are gone, and we will finally get to see Willy Korn make his first start. How will this game play out?

Well, if there has ever been excitement for a team that is 3-3, it is this Clemson team. Swinney has made it his goal to imply the "One Clemson" attitude.

Swinney sent out a letter to the students asking for their support in these last home games and calling for an "orange-out" at the stadium. He has also implemented a "Tiger Walk" before the games. These are just a few of the changes that we have seen Swinney make.

Swinney has made some great remarks that if you are a fan like me you love to hear. He said that they will play "full speed," and if they mess up, it's going to be at "full speed." He stated, "You are looking at a coach that has nothing to lose." From this, I get that he is going to lay it all on the line and leave nothing in his "back pocket."

This game will show the character of this team and of the new coaching staff and will also give the fans a glimpse of the future. The stadium should be packed for this game, so the idea of fan support not being there can be thrown out the window.

This team deserves our support, so if you are attending the game please be loud and show these guys we have not given up on them. I have seen crazier things happen in college football. The valley will be "ROCKIN'" on Saturday as we usher in a refreshing start to Clemson Football.

I, for one, can't wait.