Is It Fair?

Julian RosarioContributor IOctober 16, 2008

After a week's vacation, I logged into B/R and found myself in the middle of a community controversy. Apparently the year-long contest has been called into question by some of my colleagues, and I am also beginning to wonder as to the standard and qualifications by which this contest is being based upon.

    I love B/R and every opportunity it presents for people around the world. I love the fact that a guy such as myself, can express his feelings to a group of his peers. However, reading up on some articles that Lisa and GG wrote brought some issues to my mind.

    How can a guy like myself, who on his own stat-sheet for this website, have any shot at being judged fairly when I only have 2 friends, and 13 article comments. If this contest is to be judged fairly, would I have to sacrifice what it is I enjoy writing about to get more votes and POTD to have even a remote opportunity to win a trip to Miami.

    I signed up to this website because of two things. One was the opportunity to show my love for sports and two to improve my ability to write great sports articles, which is my life's passion and what I am pursuing in college.

    Sports journalism is more than just based on opinions, I think. I think passion for whatever sport, player, or league you write about should be judged more than just how many people think your article is "GOOD."

    If life were based upon this reasoning, and I sometimes feel that it is, then society would allow retards like Adam "PacMan" Jones, to roam about freely butt naked, with a bottle of liquor saying, "I'm the Man." Call me crazy, but if our opportunity to win a great trip to theBCS National Title game is based upon how many friends on B/R think we write great stuff, then I truly think we are missing the point of why this website was created.

    I write about stuff that I think would bring an audience, but according to my own stats, I may be gauging the wrong set of interests. Ultimately, I wonder if everyone is being judged on the same platform.