Ten Reasons to Love the New York Mets...Do They Really Exist?

Norm Misrok@puckman4Contributor IMay 16, 2011

As a long time New York Mets, fan going back to when I was 6 years old attending a game at the long since gone Polo Grounds, the question I always ask myself is why?

The word why can be an all encompassing word when looking for a specific response or a general answer. The word "why" can make someone think of a manner in which to validate their answer to a question or can be employed to buy you time. 

Well, in the case of determining as to whether there are ten reasons to love the New York Mets, both on and off the field, really has made me wonder "WHY?" 

As I sit at my computer on a rainy and dreary Monday night, I have the Mets-Marlins game on television. Mike Pelfrey was pitching a good game until he gave up a long home run to center field to Mike Stanton, and Omar Infante followed with a single. The next pitch was lined into center field by Scott Cousins, who is hitting .152. 

So as Pelfrey melted down, Mets news for the day was not too good.

David Wright is out for at least 10 days with a hairline fracture in his back, that today's MRI showed. The injury occurred nearly a month ago. It seems the Mets' medical staff dropped the ball again when it comes to injuries. The Mets use the same hospital as the New York football Giants and they do not seem to have the same issues as the Mets.

Why? The answer is "I do not know!" Let me think about that one for a second...I know the answer: It's the Mets.

The inning is over, a double play. So now the score is tied at one. Pelfrey is still in the game. One observation here: as the Marlins started hitting, Big Pelf started licking. I know that I am rambling, but I am still trying to think of 10 reasons to love my Mets.

I can think of five easy reasons to love the Mets. They are Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Wayne Hagen and Howie Rose. The Mets' broadcast crew is one of the best, if not the best in Major League Baseball.

The quandary now presents itself: Do I consider the broadcast crew as five reasons to love the Mets, or just one? I think I will go with the five reasons, especially this season...last season...the season prior...1991...1992..1993...1979...1977 Joe Frazier...OMG! Why am I a Mets fan?

Right now, I will count the broadcast crew as five reasons, as sort of a filler until I think of more reasons.

Throughout the Mets' history, there have been plenty of bright spots. Tom Seaver comes to mind. Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, before they focused on getting high or using their spouse for batting practice. Keith Hernandez coming to New York and becoming the leader the 2011 Mets sorely need. The championships of 1969 and 1986 were awesome, but there always has been more losing than winning with these Mets. 

The Mets bringing Gil Hodges over from the Washington Senators in 1968, to teach the young players about class and winning. The Mets bringing in Davey Johnson, the gunslinger. I forgot about 1973 and "You Gotta Believe!" It's amazing that Ed Kranepool still is in the top 10 in offensive catagories. The Yankees have Babe Ruth, we got Ed Kranepool. Oh, to be a Mets fan!

When I was younger, the Mets traded for Don Bosch, the next great star. When he appeared for spring training, he was shorter than expected. How about the trade of Amos Otis for Joe Foy? The memory I have of Joe Foy is dropping a pop-up against the Astros and throwing the ball into right field with runners on second and third. Another great loss. It turned out that Foy was a user. Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi...enough said!

In almost 50 years of New York Mets history, there have been memories good, bad, ridiculous and just plain stupid. The Wilpons have not been mentioned in this story.  There has been enough damage to the Mets franchise without mentioning them. They just need to go away.

Carlos Beltran is up, facing Michael Dunn in the bottom of the eighth. I hope that Dunn did not study the Adam Wainwright strikeout of Beltran. His knees were so buckled, my knees hurt. Beltran struck out. Jason Bay is coming to the plate. He is in the running for the biggest bust in Mets history. He is head and shoulders above Bobby "Take the Smile off My Face" Bonilla. Bay strikes out...no surprise.

As I end my story of ramble, I have not arrived at the conclusion if there are 10 reasons to love the New York Mets. Right now, I am truly thankful for the Stanley Cup playoffs and looking forward to the 2011-12 season, when my New York Islanders make the playoffs and will challenge for the cup.