Gina Carano-Cris Cyborg Set for February, Kim Couture Calls Out Jared Shaw

Josh NasonSenior Analyst IOctober 16, 2008 ran an interview with Cris "Cyborg" Santos Tuesday in which the fighter suggested her long-awaited match with Gina Carano will be a go for February 2009 and even might be for a new title.

“I think it’ll be in February, and it’ll be cool," Santos told Tatame. "Everybody wanna see this fight, we both fight on the last event and won, and it’ll be great. I’ll keep my Muay Thai like I did in my last fights. I’ll stand with her, and I think she likes it too, so why not? It’ll be a huge fight and someone is going down. They didn’t say if it’s going to be for the belt, but I think it’ll be."


Kim Couture Not a Fan of Jared Shaw

I thought this was an interesting interview, as Kim Couture was discussing the Gina Carano weigh-in situation from EliteXC's event a few weeks know, the one where she stripped down naked behind towels to make weight?

Anyhoo, check this out, as Couture has a few choice comments on EliteXC's Jared Shaw and his trying to sneak a peek at Carano. Weird.

Also weird? This dude doing the interview. Could he look and act more creepy?

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