Necro Butcher: Indy Feature No. 1

Ryan Senior Writer IOctober 16, 2008

The man known as "the Necro Butcher" has had quite an interesting run on the independent scene. That name is one of the hardest of hardcore, a barefoot maniac willing to hit you with anythingand more than prepared to get hit back.

Necro made his name in the King of the Death match tournaments in IWA: Mid-South, wrestling amidst broken light tubes, barbed wire, chairs, and tacks. He would win the tournament in 2002, making himself recognizable throughout the Indy ranks.

While in IWA, he had memorable matches without the hardcore atmosphere. Necro uses what is referred to as "Strong Style"—meaning the punches, slaps, and kicks he delivers are very much real and very brutal.

One of his most famous Strong Style matches was with ROH Legend Samoa Joe.  The two had a physical brutal match, high-lighted by Joe hitting Necro with an exploder suplex off the apron to the concrete floor.

This was made even more brutal by the fact that Necro didn't get full rotation, slamming his forehead into the floor and busting him open the hard way. CM Punk, who was doing commentary at the time, yelled, "How do you get suplexed on your head?!"

Necro would continue to have Stong Style matches with more traditional wrestlers like Homicide, Roderick Strong, Super Dragon, and Low-Ki.  He would more than hold his own and developed a reputation for having strong wrestling skills to go along with his insane hardcore tendencies.

After blossoming into a star in the hardcore Combat Zone Wrestling, Necro made his impact felt on Ring of Honor during the CZW/ROH feud in 2006.  The highlight of his time there was a no-ropes, barbed wire match at "War of the Wire II" against B.J. Whitmer.  Though he lost the match, Necro left his mark and would eventually earn a full-time spot with ROH.

After taking some time away, he would return with Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs to form the Age of the Fall, brutalizing whoever the group sought out.  Currently, he's in an angle where he is being pulled between the Age of the Fall and Austin Aries, who are feuding with one another.

In Chikara and other promotions outside of ROH, he has started to develop an anti-hardcore gimmick where he refuses to do anything brutal and restricts himself to basic wrestling, much the same way that Mick Foley did back in his ECW days in 1995.

Overall, the Necro Butcher may be the craziest man on the Indy scene and is certainly one of the most entertaining. Whether he's throwing chairs or fists, his matches are always compelling and almost always brutal.

I just wish he'd put some shoes on.