Pacquiao vs. Aldo and the 10 Possible Aftermaths of Diaz and Lacy Fight

Ron Jayson TimbangContributor IIIMay 10, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Aldo and the 10 Possible Aftermaths of Diaz and Lacy Fight

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    Mixed martial arts versus boxing. Ever since the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, people have been talking about who will win if a pure boxer and a mixed martial artist fight each other in the cage or in the ring. 

    The former had already been answered when Randy Couture fought James Toney last August 2010. The fight only lasted three minutes and nineteen seconds, with "The Natural" winning by submission.

    After the fight, MMA pundits and fans concluded that a boxer will not last in the cage with an elite mixed martial arts practitioner, which is pretty evident in the way Couture defeated Toney. However, many are still wondering, what if the two sports practitioners met in the boxing ring instead of the cage? What if boxing rules were used instead of MMA rules?

    We all know that pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva has already campaigned for a fight with his boxing idol, Roy Jones. The fight did not come into fruition because of contract rules in the UFC that prohibit its fighters to box. This led many to speculate what could have ensued if the fight happened. 

    Nonetheless, we may find the answer when Nick Diaz meets Jeff Lacy in a boxing match being campaigned by the Strikeforce Welterweight champion. Unlike Anderson Silva's case, this fight might happen, as Diaz's Strikeforce contract allows him to fight in one boxing match.

    If the fight happened and one camp emerged victorious, what will be the likely scenario? How will it affect both sports? What are the questions that would likely emerge?  

If Diaz Losses: 'MMA and Boxing Are Two Different Sports'-Dana White

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    Off course, one of the first people whom you want to interview after Diaz losses to Lacy would probably be Dana White. Fans would want to know  what the very vocal UFC President's reaction is.  

    White would probably be unhappy with the outcome. Nonetheless, he would explain the difference between the two sports and say that this will not affect the sports of mixed martial arts like how Couture's win against Toney did not affect the sports of boxing.   

If Diaz Losses: Rules on Fighting Outside the UFC Will Be More Strict

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    Good luck to Anderson Silva in his quest to have a fight with Roy Jones, for as long as he is in contract with the UFC, this might never happen. 

    With the lost of Diaz to Lacey, the rules might never change. The UFC will be more strict in its rules that prohibits fighters to box, as well as to fight in other organization. 

If Diaz Losses: Guess What the Mayweather Family Will Say?

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    Floyd Mayweather, as well as his uncle and dad, has always been vocal about his views on what will happen if a mixed martial artist stepped in a fight with a boxer. He was quoted in the past saying that any top 10 boxer would knock out an MMA fighter in an MMA fight.

    Although, Diaz vs. Lacy is a boxing match, Floyd will reiterate that he is correct -- and he is the best fighter in the world (off course). 

If Diaz Losses: Another Boxer Will Call out a Fight with an MMA Elite

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    Could this be Shane Mosley? After Lacy's victory, expect more hype on a boxer vs. MMA fighter match. Thus, there will be more boxers who will take advantage of the situation and try to land a fight in MMA.

    I am thinking that this could be Shane Mosley's next move after loosing to Manny Pacquiao. Sure, after the defeat, he will be less marketable in boxing, so why not try MMA? I'm sure he knows how much James Toney brought home after the fight with Randy Couture.   

If Diaz Losses: Don't Expect a Fight with St. Pierre to Happen Any Time Soon

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    If he losses to Lacy, specially if it happens in a spectacular way, his marketability might be diminished. Fans would also likely doubt his match up with reigning welterweight champion George St. Pierre.

    The UFC might also lose its appetite on the fight and, instead, encourage St. Pierre to move up in weight.  

If Diaz Wins: Expect More MMA Fighters Trying out Boxing

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    Who knows? BJ Penn might be the first MMA fighter to crossover to boxing full time. What if his contract has expired already and he did not find any success in the welterweight division? 

    Maybe he will try boxing, instead of moving down to lightweight division. If he won't, expect other MMA fighters to do so.   

If Diaz Wins: Expect Fans to Call out Their Boxing vs. MMA Dream Fights

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    How about a Manny Pacquiao vs. Jose Aldo dream fight? Sure many would be wondering who will win against the two in a pure boxing match after watching Diaz dominate an elite boxer in Lacy.

    Although this fight might not happen, we can't stop MMA fans to form their dream MMA fighter vs. boxer match-up. Many will ask what will happen if their favorite mixed martial artist fight in a boxing match against a boxer who is still in his prime.   

If Diaz Wins: Boxing's Reputation Will Be Damaged, a Bit.

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    Expect more boxing fans to switch to MMA after Diaz's win over Lacy. The logic behind? If an MMA fighter can out-strike a boxer in his own game, then the best fighters are probably those who wear 4 ounce gloves in fighting. So which sports should you invest your money and time watching? 

If Diaz Wins: Expect Him Clamoring for More Boxing Match

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    With Diaz's confidence rising after the win over Lacy, fans should expect that this would not be his last fight at the ring. Although the UFC will be strict on him after the end of his contract terms with Strikeforce, no one can really dictate to Diaz what he should do.

    Expect a back-to-back war between Diaz and UFC President Dana White.   

If Diaz Wins: A Fight with St. Pierre Will Be More Marketable

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    With Diaz's win over Lacy, his name will be more recognizable and he will be remembered by many fighting fans as the MMA expert who crossed boundaries and finished an elite boxer. 

    Many will be tuning in his fight with George St. Pierre, wondering if he can also use his hands to defeat the almost-unbeatable welterweight champion. The UFC might be benefited after all if Diaz wins.