The Roots of Ohio State's Problems, Part One: The Introduction

onezuke18Correspondent IOctober 16, 2008

I'd like to start off my time here at Bleacher Report with a very ambitious BANG! I will attempt that beginning by addressing the growing underbelly of unrest that builds within BuckeyeNation.

I will tell you that I'm a VERY active board member. I'm on numerous sites throughout my day, every day, and am as in tune with THE Buckeye universe as just about anyone outside of Senator Tressel, his holiness' self.

Ever since the Sweater Vest walked into Ann Arbor during his first season in command and stunned the Wolverines, Buckeye fans have almost been mesmerized by a Scarlet and Gray potion that blinded us to every and any faults or shortcomings that resided with the Ohio State football program.

A 2002 National Championship did nothing to change that spell over awed Buckeye fans. In fact, it might have been the last drink that sent 99.9 percent of common Buckeye die-hards into almost a four-year, unabashed, drunken stupor of BCS victories, Big Ten championships, and program successes not seen since Woody Hayes himself patrolled the sidelines of Ohio Stadium.

But then a couple of funny things happened: 41-14, then 28-21, then 38-24, and finally 35-3. You know the scores, you know the teams, you know the defeats—and through each of those defeats, more of BuckeyeNation started sobering up.

As the crushing defeats occurred, more and more of you (the fans) began not only sobering up, but also getting that nasty, grumpy hangover you get when you've had far too many the night before. Looking at it now, it feels as if 2002-2006 was lifetimes ago, and all that's left from the party is this hangover that feels like it won't ever end.

Buckeye fans, seemingly overnight, have turned from eternal optimists into sky is falling eulogists.

Read Ohio State boards right now. It's brush fires of an inept defensive schemes and coordinators. It's raining acid upon an offense that is 10th in the Big Ten in total offense and is calling for personnel changes and an offensive coordinator to help the once invincible Jim Tressel.

Read the Ohio State fan boards, and you would think that the Four Horsemen were returning to end the world. I read these posts every day, and if I didn't know any better, I would think that the almighty Ohio State Buckeyes were 0-7 and 0-3 in the Big Ten.

You would have no idea that in actuality Ohio State is ranked 12th in the country, is 6-1 overall, 3-0 in Big Ten play, and tied for first place with Michigan State and Penn State going into this weekend's pivotal matchup with the Spartans.

With everyone playing in Buckeyeland playing the finger-pointing game (Jim Heacock, Jim Bollman, Jim Tressel, the offensive & defensive line play, Todd Boeckman, Beanie's injury, the offensive play calling, the defensive scheme and general philosophy...just to name a few of the people or things being blamed for the collapse of Ohio State football as we know it), I am going to take a wild swing of an attempt at pinpointing the problems that face THE Ohio State University football program today.

But it won't be the same old reasons that have been accused of causing the current problems the Buckeyes have/are/will be facing. Through a multi-part series, we will go into an in-depth examination of problems that are happening and revolve around the program.

I don't want this to be a negative series of problems though. I want to present some of the problems that maybe people haven't thought of, but most of all I want to try to be reasonable, present solutions, and most importantly...generate a healthy and intelligent discussion with all of you!

I encourage you to follow this series with me, add me to your favorites, and help me build my page. Feel free to leave any and all feedback—positive or negative, I don't care, just as long as you are enjoying and participating—and I will do my best to respond to each of your thoughts and comments!

O-H! Go Bucks.

Upcoming posts: The Roots of Ohio State's Problems, Part Two: The Big One and The Little 10...coming later tonight.