The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Days of Old

Matt HunterCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

In the early '90s, I was just a little tyke about six or seven years old, and finally baseball season had come back around.  This meant I got to go see my favorite baseball team play—the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Going to the games and enjoying a day with my father watching the Pirates play was the best trip for me.  I got to go to Pittsburgh for the day and just do whatever I wanted, and then on top of that I got to see a great Pittsburgh Pirates team play.

We always sat in the upper deck of the third base side of old Three Rivers Stadium, and I would get to watch my favorite players: Barry Bonds, Jay Bell, Andy Van Slyke, and many others. 

Those were the days when going to a baseball game meant I was going to see a great team play a sport that at the time I was about to start playing myself. This led to great memories and experiences when I was younger.

Then I hit the double digits, and for some reason it seemed like a curse.  The Pirates decided to rely on Andy Van Slyke rather than Barry Bonds, and from that point on, for the last 12+ years, the Pirates have been one of the bottom feeders in baseball.

Now, I did not understand what was happening when I was younger. All I remember is going to games and watching my team win and then going to the ballpark and watching my team get embarrassed. 

It was almost as if I had been watching completely different teams from year to year. In reality, it was that, because of the amount of guys the Pirates were moving around then and still do today.

I am a Pittsburgh sports fan through and through, and I would never leave any Pittsburgh team, no matter how bad they had been for whatever amount of time.  I just wish that the Pirates would step up and take charge of how poorly they have been playing for the last 15 years or so and do something about it.

They need to stop with the whole trading-for-prospects deal and do more to bring in known talent. If this means spending a good bit of money, so be it.  The only way you can compete in MLB is to spend money. If your team does well the money will be returned to you.

The Pirates do have some players on the team now who are solid baseball players. But if they want to return to the days of old when they were competing for the playoffs and the World Series, the ownership needs to step up and do something about it

Otherwise, those old days are just going to get older, and the years of losing and looking bad are just going to continue.