WWE: 5 Reasons Why the WWE Should Push Zack Ryder

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMay 8, 2011

WWE: 5 Reasons Why the WWE Should Push Zack Ryder

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    The latest hit on the Internet, the latest darling of the IWC, the former No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship; Zack Ryder has many credentials.

    The Long Island Iced Z whose career peaked during his association with Edge in La Familia has managed to earn himself some fans who are now clamoring for him to be pushed to at least mid-card status.

    Here are five reasons why Ryder's career needs to go "to infinity and beyond."

His YouTube Videos

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    Zack Ryder has won much praise due to his hilarious videos that he posts on his YouTube channel.

    They provide humorous self-mocking moments and have helped Ryder gain a large Internet fan base.

    It was an opportunity for him to showcase his talents and these videos will surely have caught the attention of Vince McMahon who loves media attention in his superstars.

    The fact that Ryder is popular with many fans mean that his merchandise sales will go up which also means a push is more likely.

    Ryder can thank these YouTube videos for his sudden rise in popularity.

His Natural Ability to Be Funny

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    Zack Ryder has similar skills to Santino Marella and would be priceless in backstage segments.

    He has already caused much hilarity after his unfortunate interactions with the Divas and his confrontation with Edge that also brought out the best in the Rated R Superstar.

    Ryder has a natural ability to make people laugh and the WWE are missing the boat by not utilizing him more.

    One thing is for sure; he would be much funnier than the Great Khali!

His Love for the Business

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    Zack Ryder is clearly a student of the sport and is very popular with the more experienced men in the locker room who recognize someone that takes their job seriously.

    Zack's efforts to catch the WWE's attention show that he cares and that he has a passion for what he does.

    This coupled with an innate desire to entertain and you have someone who can become a big star.

    This is also true of Santino and Eric Young in TNA.

His Gimmick

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    Zack's gimmick is new and fresh. Basically a parody of the Jersey Shore, Ryder has made it his own and has developed his character beyond the expectations of the WWE.

    He could be exactly what the mid-card needs to freshen it up with something new rather than the same old matches that we have seen before.

    There are so many potential storylines to be written for Zack and his idea of himself as a ladies' man needs to be developed more.

    Imagine a partnership between Ryder and Maryse!

His Wrestling Ability

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    Zack Ryder is a seriously underrated in-ring performer and can more than hold his own inside the squared circle.

    People talk so much about his charisma and mic skills that they forget that he has had some decent matches in the past and he would be very believable as a mid-card champion.

    He could bring some interest back to the United States Championship if he were given a run with the gold and a feud between him and Kofi Kingston would be interesting.

    It is a crying shame that Zack is only given the chance to wrestle at house shows and on Superstars which has now been canceled.

    The tag team of DZP (Down with Zack and Primo) could have been a breath of fresh air for the stagnant WWE tag team division.