WWE's Future: The Rise of Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson

RiZESenior Writer IMay 15, 2011

In case you’ve missed SmackDown and RAW the last two month, WWE Creative has decided to slay its two set of stables.  The New Nexus and its bastard sibling, The Corre, have or will seemingly lose control of their focal points.

Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson have grown reluctant as of late. Jackson has already left the Corre while Ryan’s reluctance grows with each passing week.

Jackson was rather unhappy that the Corre interfered in his match with Big Show. Big Zeke walked out on his group and was ex-communicated backstage. The Corre destroyed Ezekiel backstage, effectively turning Zeke into a face.

At Over the Limit, Big Zeke will take on Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. This freak of a man has an overwhelmingly high chance of putting Barrett away in seven days.

The question is, can Ezekiel take another step up the WWE Ladder?

On the other side of the bridge, Mason Ryan has grown to be a nuisance to the rest of New Nexus.  Like Jackson, Ryan has left his group members behind on numerous occasions. The first sign of problems arose when Punk thwarted a punt attempt by Ryan on a prone Randy Orton.

In the end, Punk attempted a punt but was on the receiving end of an RKO instead.

Now that the feud with Orton is over, New Nexus has no apparent direction.

In case you’ve missed RAW, Punk is apparently in the dog house. Rumor has it, Vince McMahon is vigorously trying to re-sign Punk and obtain the rights to his name. The Messiah has refused the offer, citing “burnout” and apparently refusing to release his name.

It’s simply human nature for McMahon and WWE Creative to drop Punk down a few notches.

Mason Ryan, on the other hand, will use his leader as a stepping stone to the main event. It’s no secret that Vince admires performers of Ryan’s build and stature. It’s also obvious that Creative will use the Batista effect. Basically, Mason Ryan will turn face, destroy New Nexus and, ultimately, defeat CM Punk in a series of matches.

Likewise, Ezekiel Jackson will destroy Wade Barrett at Over the Limit.

Two of the biggest heels in the WWE Today, used as stepping stones for two guys who weren’t considered main event talent last year. Like I stated above, the negative aspect to this is having Barrett and Punk lose momentum and drop off the ladder. 

Arguably the best all-around stars in the WWE today, Punk and Barrett struck gold in 2010.

Barrett went from an unknown star in FCW to the WWE’s top heel. At the same time, CM Punk became the biggest disappointment of 2010. A trade to RAW, commenting and a feud with John Cena rejuvenated the enigma known as CM Punk.

Coincidentally, it was Punk's theft of Nexus that led to Barrett’s downfall.

This detailed fiasco has placed on back on step one. Punk and Barrett receiving mid-card mistreatment and carrying Superstars clearly out of their league.

The WWE is creating two new stars at the expense of Barrett and Punk.


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