Chick Clicks: Brought to you by…Battle Star Chick-lactica

Nola ChickCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Hotter: Jeremy Shockey’s Short Hair vs Drew Brees’ Long Hair

Advantage: Brees. The long hair has him playing like an MVP while Shockey’s short cut has him nursin’ his groin.

Worst Week Ever: Pacman Jones’ Indefinite Suspension vs Losing 91-0 like the Estero High School Football Team

Advantage: Gotta be Pacman. The Estero kids still have time to redeem their reputations.

Best Week Ever: Roy Williams Heads to D-Town vs Evander Holyfield’s Baby Mama Who Might Finally Get Her Child Support

Advantage: Roy. Cause we all know Evander’s gotta pay the bill collectors first.

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