Pacquiao vs. Mosley Result: What It Means for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IMay 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Result: What It Means for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

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    Manny Pacquiao is very fresh off of his easy twelve round near perfect shutout against Shane Mosley. We already know that November 12 is the next time he will step into the ring and it will probably be against old rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

    Unless Floyd Mayweather Jr. steps up to the plate. Pacquiao said after the fight that he doesn't care if they fight and I believe that to some degree, but I also believe that he wants to be known as the hands down best fighter of his generation.

    The only way he can do that is beat Mayweather in front of the world. I am pretty doubtful that this fight will happen but tonight was actually a step toward that fight.

Pro: Pacquiao Didn't Look Like Himself.

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    Lets be honest, the above picture tells you nothing about what happened in the fight tonight. Pacquiao easily took a 12 round decision and wasn't in trouble one time. He dominated Mosley for the entire fight.

    For whatever reason though he just looked off. I don't know if he was carrying Mosley in there or what but he didn't look like his usual offensive self.

    When he did attack it was awkward and wasn't very effective. He did look better in the last few rounds but his offense was clearly not up to the usual Pacquiao standards.

Con: He Knocked Down an Iron Chinned Mosley

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    Mosley was down two times before tonight. It was in the same round against Vernon Forrest (R.I.P.) but other then that he has never been down.

    For the third time tonight he went down and he went down heavily. He was caught with a counter shot right on the temple and was in big trouble. If anything is going to scare off Mayweather it is a huge puncher like Pacquiao.

Pro: Mayweather Likes to Fight Fighters on Their Downside

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    I don't really agree with this but that is what is out there, and if you do believe it you have to believe that Pacquiao is starting to lose some of his skill.

    He is still the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world but his skills are clearly slipping. His last two fights have shown this and you have to believe that it will continue.

    If Mayweather is looking to pick off a slightly worn up Pacquiao he could sign to fight him after he faces Juan Manuel Marquez.

Con: He Beat Mosley Just as Easy and Without a Scare

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    Mosley was totally dominated by Mayweather last year but he did put a little scare into him. Pacquiao on the other hand defeated him easily and put him on the seat of his pants.

    If Mayweather compares the two fights it is clear that Pacquiao beat him just as easy or a tad bit easier. Mosley caught Mayweather but never came close to landing anything of note of Pacquiao.

Pro: Manny Said He Doesn't Care If They Fight

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    As I said before I don't believe this but I think Mayweather may take this personally. He has a massive ego and may take this as a slight to him.

    I may be grabbing at straws here but I wouldn't be surprised if Mayweather had some uh, things, to say about Pacquiao in the coming days. He thinks everyone should care about him and the face Pacquiao shrugged him off is probably going to bother him.

Con: Manny Is Still Manny/Money

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    No matter how you slice it Manny is still Manny. He may be losing a little bit of skill but he is still the only real threat to Mayweather.

    Just like the fact Mayweather is still the only threat to Pacquiao. This makes them hesitant to fight each other. They both have some sort of ego (all great men/women do) and like how the public seems them.

    If they step into the ring and lose to the other man there legacy is going to be tarnished. The other problem is the money. Manny got $20 million tonight and I find it hard that someone is going to give $20 million to both fighters.

    Neither fighter is going to take less then the other and that is a major problem. At the end of the night I think we are a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny step closer to this fight, but it is still a ways off.