Smackdown Spoilers

Stephan JohnsonContributor IOctober 15, 2008

Dark Matches
Ricky Ortiz dft. Gavin Spears in squash match. No crowd action.

After ECW The Miz came out from under the ring with a gagged mouth and tied hands. Cryme Tyme worked the crowd at ringside.

SD! Airing Friday 10/17
Big Show opens with Chavo. He talks about 'Taker's chin and that he has lost his mind intefering in his match vs HHH. Then he announces his match vs 'Taker at Cyber Sunday. LMS, I Quit or Knockout. He then demonstrates each match vs some jobber. He beats them all with no efforts.

Carlito and Primo dft.Hawkins and Ryder. Primo with a dropkick off the top rope for the win.

MVP comes out and talks about his longest US title reign. Then he says he is gonna do what Shelton couldn't... beat R-Truth.

Guess what... R-Truth dft. MVP. R-Truth enters via crowd, wins with the axe kick.
Show and Khali are in the ring. Vickie comes and says she wants Khali to take out 'Taker. Khali doesn't want to be used so he and Show stare down to end the segment.

Kendrick is out. He says he cant fight because of doctor's orders. Ezekiel will wrestle instead.

Ezekiel Jackson dft. Super Crazy in squash match.

HHH cuts a promo on his match at Cyber Sunday vs Hardy, Kozlov or Both.

'Taker vs Khali. Khali is DQed after Show chokeslams 'Taker. Show takes a chair and wants Khali to hit 'Taker with it. Khali chops the chair off Show and walks off.

Maria dft. Victoria, Natalya, Maryse and Brie Bella in a "Las Vegas Poll Match" Maria now has a shot at McCool's title.

HHH vs 'Taker is announced for next SD!.

Jesse & Festus dft. Kenny Dykstra & Kendrick.
Festus pins Kendrick for win. Am I losing it or did Kendrick say he couldn't wrestle because of doctor's orders? Maybe he got 'forced'.

HHH comes out in street clothes to commentate with JR and Tazz.

Kozlov vs Hardy
Kozlov corners Hardy and hits a running powerslam. Jeff gets up eventually and hits 2 Whisper in the Winds. He goes to the top rope and jumps and misses. Kozlov takes control and hits a headbutt for the win.

HHH gets in the ring and taunts Kozlov with the WWE title, Kozlov leaves and HHH helps Hardy up. HHH raises Hardy's hand, kicks him and pedigrees him as SD! finishes!