John Daly Mentoring Ryan Mallett? Wooo Pig Sooie!

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 6, 2011

John Daly is "mentoring" Ryan Mallett
John Daly is "mentoring" Ryan MallettRoss Kinnaird/Getty Images

John Daly turns mentor?

Now that is an extraordinarily scary thought, isn't it?

Perhaps just another indication that The Apocalypse isn't far away.

Yes, John Daly, the Duke of Divorce, the Baron of Bad Behavior, the Ghost of PGA Tours Past, has taken NFL quarterback prospect Ryan Mallett under his beer-stained wing.


You can blame this on our former Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach, former John Daly caddie, Jon Gruden.

Yes, Gruden sure knew how to pick prospects for the Buccaneers and this tops everything.

Seems the knock on Mallett by a lot of teams that passed on him was his questionable judgement.

Well, this takes away the questionable portion of that equation.

Of course, you could always fall back on that great line from the Animals' House of the Rising Sun:

"Mothers, tell your children, not to do what I have done....."

Now it might be different if Mallett simply wanted some golf tips.

But life lessons?

Well, maybe there is a lesson in this deal.

Daly's simply screwed up about every way he can screw up.

He's squandered a load of talent.

Witness the moment when Daly was kicking back in the clubhouse after a round on the PGA Tour and he saw Tiger Woods headed out to the practice tee and this transpired:

Daly:  "Where you going?"

Woods: "To the practice tee, I don't have your talent, John."

Enough on that.

Let the mentoring begin. Two Arkansas buddies, arm-in-arm.

Attention Bill Belichick, you better hope this little squabble between the players and owners ends soon.