Detroit Lions Go from Endangered to Extinct: What Should They Do Now?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2017

This franchise is done.

It will get a top-five pick if not the No. 1 pick and it will need miracles in the draft to rebuild. I didn't believe in curses until I got into sports. Not the Great Bambino's curse over the Red Sox, not Lance Alworth curse on San Diego, and especially not Bobby Layne's curse on the Detroit Lions.

He said the Lions would "not win for 50 years" after they traded him to the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was in 1958. It is now Oct. 15, 2008. The curse was achieved, but it will be longer. The Lions have fallen to the worst team in the NFL—at least in the James Williamson Standings. They have replaced the St. Louis Rams with their recent activities.

They are still 0-5 and I think they will go 0-16. The most I think they can go is 2-14. They are that bad right now.

They have lost Roy Williams, their best wide receiver, to the Dallas Cowboys. They let Shaun Rogers, their great defensive tackle, go to the Cleveland Browns during the free agency period. They have just fired GM Matt Millen, and their coach is probably next on the chopping block. Jon Kitna is out for the season with a back injury while running back Kevin Jones is now with the Chicago Bears.

This team looks about as bad as Texas A&M does right now. They are worse than the Dolphins were last year. If I were an NFL player, I would rather go to Canada than play with the Detroit Lions. I may be harsh, but it is the truth. They have no organization, no leadership, and no hope.

They are extinct. They need to prepare for the draft now. I wish I were the GM there, because with the team they have...any pick is a good pick right about now.

What do they have? Two first rounders including one from the Dallas Cowboys, a second rounder, and two third rounders including one from the Dallas Cowboys. That is five picks in the top 100 players. What do they need? Better yet, what don't they need?

If this team wants to survive then they need protection. Now, I don't know the college all-stars, but there are some positions that they must get in order to successfully rebuild.

Detroit drafted Gosder Cherilus from Boston College to help with the offensive line. It was one the very few good decisions Matt Millen made. They should have traded with Miami to get Jake Long, but Cherilus can bloom if given time. They need to do that again.

They need a line that can protect a young quarterback in Dan Orlovsky and a prospect in rookie running back Kevin Smith. They need an offensive line that a tank couldn't get through. It has to make holes and protect the quarterback, because there is no way Kitna will win a Super Bowl. He needs to show Orlovsky the ropes and teach.

If you give a quarterback enough time, he will find an open receiver, so it doesn't matter what round you get your receiver in.

The Lions need to use the other picks to draft a young defense and get it moving. Last week they had a defense that had five sacks, three forced fumbles, and an interception. That is a defense that needs to show up more often—a defense that allowed only 10 points (the other two were on a safety).

That would be my draft plan. The Lions need to send out the scouts now to every university, even the small pathetic ones. You never know where a diamond might be, and they need to find a jewelry store in order to rebound.