TNA: I've Given Up All Hope!

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TNA: I've Given Up All Hope!

I suggest you read the ENTIRE article before commenting!!

While calling TNA WCW is a bit harsh its not very far from the truth. I have given up on TNA. All hope is lost. I keep holding out, but now it time to forget it. TNA will never live up to the hopes of all of their fans. It's also not "The Alternative" it claims to be.

TNA's rating are still in the toilet, PPV buys are still horrible, and even their television show has shown little improvement.

After (again!) giving the title to Sting at Bound for Glory (Don't worry Sting, we wouldn't want you to put someone over, jerk!) I really feel as if TNA is just a second rate wrestling promotion that will never be as good as WWE. I mean, that was their ultimate goal, to get to the same level as the WWE. The dumb storylines, ridiculous gimmicks, and bringing in every WWE guy over 40 will only kill TNA faster.

Let's all take a moment to thank Vince Russo. Without him none of this would be possible. I mean how many wrestling promotions can this guy f*** up? I bet I could go pick a guy on the side of the road outside of Orlando Studios who could do a better job writing for TNA. Hell, I could do better than Russo.

I can't blame it all on Russo. I mean he is not the one bringing in all of the 40+ guys to make the "homegrown" talent look like punks. With all of the older guys, the under card is forced into ridiculous gimmicks to get noticed. There was a time in TNA where this was not true, but now TNA has become its own enemy.

They promised all of these new WWE guys title shots and exposure. Then they don't have to work house shows, make public appearances, and take months to sign a contract.

Here is the truth: Kevin Nash, Sting, and all these these selfish bastards are in TNA for one thing. MONEY! They don't give a shit who they have to step on to get their exposure and their pay checks. They don't want to do anything to better the business or TNA; they just want to help themselves.

It's pretty sad to watch guys like the MCMG, LAX, Petey Williams, and Jay Lethal work their asses off while guys like Kevin Nash sit on their fat ass and get paid. It's backwards in my opinion.

I'm not done watching TNA, but as of now I have given up all hope of them becoming anything successful; I really had hope for TNA when it first showed up on that Saturday night on Spike TV at 11:00 in December of 2005.

It was new. It was fresh compared to the stale WWE, but now TNA has become even worse than the WWE. It's a real shame.

TNA still has some bright spots. I just feel nothing will be able to save TNA from...itself. Maybe some of you still have hope for the company, but as far as I'm concerned they're just another promotion with an expiration date. But I'll enjoy the ride anyway.

Give me your thought on TNA's position and where you see TNA heading in the future.

Thanks for reading, Ross.

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