Pacquiao vs. Mosley Could Go Either Way: Pacquiao by KO or Pacquiao by Decision

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Pacquiao vs. Mosley Could Go Either Way: Pacquiao by KO or Pacquiao by Decision
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Will he be the man to end the fight?

To reiterate a tired theme, Shane Mosley has very little hope in his upcoming fight vs. Manny Pacquiao.

Even the most ardent Mosley supporters acknowledge his best hope is some kind of one-punch knockout miracle. They suggest Mosley can hurt Pacquiao, stun him, even stop him—so you should tune in May 7th!

Well, I agree, tune in, but not for the slim chance that Sugar Shane shockingly busts Pacquiao's winning streak. Tune in to see if Manny can do what no other Mosley opponent has been able to, end the fight before the final bell.

Muhammed Ali could take massive amounts of punishment in a fight and stay on his feet. But when the reflexes start to go, having an iron chin and the heart of a lion is no longer a good thing. While Ali never went down in his only career "knockout" against Larry Holmes, he did take an incredible beating before his corner mercifully stopped the fight.

With diminished speed and reaction-time, Ali was helpless, and his iron chin was now a detriment as it allowed him to stand in and take a more prolonged and devastating beating. Shane will probably end the night on his feet. The question is, will it be after twelve rounds or at the behest of Naazim Richardson or Kenny Bayless?

There's no question in my mind that Manny can and will put a ton of hurt on the slower Shane Mosley. By the second half of the fight, Shane will be gassed and wounded, and it's only a matter of if Manny Pacquiao aggressively tries to finish him, or puts on the seat-belt and cruises to an easy decision.

As we saw in the Antonio Margarito fight, Pacquiao seemed reluctant to go for the kill when Margarito was visibly damaged and already beaten to a pulp by the last couple of rounds. Freddie Roach was not exactly pleased by this. While he applauded Manny's humanitarianism, he knows that one punch can change a fight, and if you let a guy hang around, no matter how beaten he is, anything can happen. He obviously mentioned this to Pacquiao and probably urged him to go for the stoppage if he finds himself in a similar situation. 

But will Manny listen?

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