No Pressure Is No Problem For Browns.

Christopher MottContributor IOctober 15, 2008

If the QB is not affraid of you, then you should be affraid of him.  Mr. Anderson showed Big Blue what that was all about Monday night.

 You could see as the season began we had that chip on our shoulder.  The Giants wanted show everyone we won last year because at the end of the season we were the best team. As things started rolling this year, players read articles, they watch ESPN. They hear certain anaysts say they are the best in the NFL.  Then BAM! Pop goes the bubble and we get wooped on by the Browns.  I think the whole team became full of itself.  I saw that on Monday on night, more than anything with the defense. 

Yes, I know Eli threw some picks that would have helped keep some momentum.  The truth is we could not stop the Browns on third down at all.  So even if we did score, chances are we still would have lost, because we didn't make adjustments and didn't have that Giant killer instinct we have had from the end of last season until now.  Anderson could have had a cocktail hour behind his O-line.  Our defense is built on pressure, everyone knows that.  It's no secret.  But the fact remains that we didn't pressure the QB, which allowed time for recievers to get open and that helped open up the run game etc.

We didn't have our usual swagger.  We thought we were going to kick the Browns into obscurity.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with our defense.  We should have made some better adjustments at half time, but that being said I know the defense knows what it has to do and they have the skills and fire to do so. A slip here a missed assignment there, all those contributed to the loss as well.  But, if Mr. Anderson never gets to see or be touched by Mr. Tuck or anyone for that matter he has no fear. It was nice and comfortable sitting behind the offensive line and getting to pick who to throw to.

The defense has a mission this week. To let the league know that they still can bring pressure and force bad plays.  They also need to get a freakin turnover.  How much longer do we have to wait? The front dictates the back. Get pressure, we win.