Attention All Fantasy Owners Who Own Roy Williams...

Brian S.Contributor IOctober 15, 2008

So if you are like me then you probably said on Monday, with a different look at QB for the Lions and a stat line that read an abysmal 2 for 23, "I gotta drop this guy!"  Not so fast your luck, like mine, has changed.  Roy Williams' owners have been anxiously awaiting any sort of production out of him since the start of the season only to be left with nothing.  But the brightest outlook now for a Williams' owner may be that he can actually get that long awaited for production on the Cowboys.

Sure he is going to have to contend with another wide out who always wants the ball but what a step up it can be for Dallas and fantasy owners from the likes of Patrick Crayton (who if you actually have him on your team, you should drop him immediately) and Miles Austin (who should not be in any conversation relating to fantasy football).

Here is the way I look at it, it cannot get worse for Williams' owners.  He will have the veteran Brad Johnson throwing to him but that might not be such a bad thing.  If Dallas can utilize Williams correctly it can be a nice pay day for fantasy owners.  If TO is caught up in a lot of double teams, Williams could shine in this offense and I can certainly see Johnson spreading the ball and hopefully checking down to Williams every so often when TO is in double coverage.

Williams found the end zone once this season in the first game against Atlanta, you have to figure he will get more chances in a more potent offense.  Detroit's passing game is hitious, even there now number 1 Calvin Johnson is not getting the kind of production he should be week in and week out.  With TO also suffering (his crying on the sideline and starting to throw his QB under the bus) this might be the best thing to ever happen to a Roy Williams owner!

One downfall could also be Brad Johnson at the helm for the next few weeks.  And this can be a continuation of disgust from fantasy owners who might have to wait even longer.  However, don't sell yourself short the upside and potential for Roy to get back into the mix and actually help you win a few games is tremendous.  I am 1-5 thus far and can't tell you how disappointed I am but yesterday when this trade took place, I couldn't have been a happier fantasy owner knowing that there might still be a light at the end of the tunnel to turn around my season.