Jamie Carragher — The Soul of Liverpool FC!

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IOctober 15, 2008

Usually, I avoid writing about big names, famous footballers (other than Cristiano of course) because everyone knows nearly everything about them.

Nothing I ever have is original, nothing is ever new, maybe even what I have to say about this man I write about today.

We all know Jamie the player, but do we know the man behind the name?

He may be surrounded by controversy, whether it’s because of getting a red card for throwing a coin back at the fans or for assault charges, he still is one of Liverpool’s most respected players.

Although he started out as an Everton fan, surrounded by family who were also Everton supporters, he now is, alongside Gerrard, the face of Liverpool.

When asked about the funniest moment of his year, he spoke of the time Reina kicked a ball that hit the manager in the back of the head, sending him to the ground. He also says that beating Everton at Anfield with 10 men was something he found funny too.


His autobiography is filled with humour. Who knew Carra had a funny bone! He always seems so... crazy on the field, especially when Liverpool was trailing!

What I truly admire about him in his autobiography, is his brutal honesty. He calls it as it is. It's what we need nowadays. His improvement from the Houllier days to today is applaudable, and has earned him a well deserve almost permanent spot in Liverpool's defense. He has been placed in league with legends like Ian Rush and Dalglish.

His passion and love for Liverpool is undeniable. Shreeves asked Carragher if he thought Steven Gerrard would leave for a more superior club and his reply was “Who’s bigger than Liverpool?”

How true, Carra! Spoken like a true Red!


Jamie Carragher really cracks me up, now that may not be much, seeing as almost everything can get a laugh out of me, but trust me, this guy is really hilarious!

Here’s a few snippets from him autobiography that had me in stitches:

“I've just told the media you're a better player than John Terry," Rafa told me. Then he started laughing as he made a tell-tale sign, putting his hand to his nose and pulling it out to imitate Pinocchio.

Before our Champions League semi-final with Chelsea I got him back when I was handed the press conference duties. "What did they ask you?" Rafa quizzed me. "I told them you're a better manager than Mourinho," I said, and then repeated his Pinocchio mime.”




When my leg was broken in an horrific tackle by Lucas Neill in September 2003, my mates were ready to hunt him down if I gave the go-ahead.

A few weeks later I received a phone call. “You won’t believe this, Jay. We’re in the Trafford Centre and Lucas Neill is walking straight towards us. What do you reckon?”
Did I really want Neill to take a crack? “There’s only one problem,” added the voice. “Little Davey Thommo is with him.”

That was that. I could hardly let one of my best mates, David Thompson, now a Blackburn player, become a witness to an assault. Besides he’d have recognised the attackers. The impromptu mission was aborted and I sent a text to Thommo telling him Neill should give him a hug of thanks.

As word got back to Blackburn about the near miss, or should that be hit, their coach Terry Darracott, a Scouser, appealed to one of my friends to call the boys off. I agreed.”

Carragher has openly stated that Liverpool FC means more to him than the English football team.

He says: “I'd just missed a penalty in the World Cup quarters but thought .. I'd rather miss for England than Liverpool FC I was devastated to miss a penalty of such importance. Had I really given my all for my country? Without question, despite that "At least it wasn't Liverpool," I'd repeat to myself, over and over.”

“The Liver Bird mauled the Three Lions in the fight for my loyalties. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, it's just how it is. You can't make yourself feel more passionate if the feelings aren't there. That doesn't make me feel guilty.”

His quotes are thought provoking and he has never has anything less than uttermost admiration for his club!

He, the ultimate one club player, with more than 500 games next to his name is also, is also labelled one of the most underrated defenders in the Premier League!

Here’s what his teammates and coaches have to say about him!

Riise : "He is very funny, he likes to stitch people up and make jokes with people. I am on the end of it all the time – he's always after me in training.

He knows me well and knows I'll get frustrated by it. He loves to shout and scream, especially so the boss hears it. He likes to humiliate you in front of the boss!

He's not the most technical guy but tries to do a few tricks in training. He never succeeds. If he does one time he shouts and screams like he's Diego Maradona. But he's funny, he's a great lad."

Finnan: "You often get people saying they can hear him from the stands, that's how loud he is. You can hear him from one end of the stadium to the other, but every team needs someone like that."

Rush: "If his team are losing he will have a go at his teammates and that's what he's all about. Jamie just loves playing football and he knows everything about Liverpool Football Club and its history.

He can tell me certain games where I scored and I don't even remember it! He used to always say to the strikers who I was coaching, 'It's about time we had a striking coach, we might get a few goals now.'"

Gerrard: "Even now, if he never played another game again, he is a legend. He's won the treble, FA Cups and a Champions League. He's sweat blood and guts for this club."




Known all over the world for his undying commitment to Liverpool FC, Carragher was described perfectly by Brian Reade:

“Whenever I look at him in the heat of battle I see Tommy Smith, Ian Callaghan, Sammy Lee, John Aldridge, Jimmy Case and Gerry Byrne.

Players who were underrated to a criminal degree outside Anfield and who rarely make it into the starting line-ups of most fans' all-time Liverpool XIs.

But men who were loved by the Kop because week-in, week-out, they sweat blood for their fellow Scousers”

Here’s to a legend, the soul of Liverpool, and the man voted 7th in Liverpoolfc.tv’s “100 players who shook the KOP”

“For someone to ask ‘Who did you play for’ and to be able to answer a single name ‘Liverpool’ that would be brilliant...I don’t think I’d ever leave”

We hope so too, Carra... we sure do !


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