WWE News: Fans Need To Lay Off Randy Orton

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMay 5, 2011


Warning: the following article contains spoilers for tomorrow's Smackdown, if you do not wish to have the results spoiled for you, click back now.


By now, many of you have found out that Randy Orton defeated Christian at Tuesday's Smackdown, bringing his very short title reign to an end.  Officially it will go down as a five day reign since the WWE likes to pretend that we don't know Smackdown is taped on a Tuesday (I still don't understand why it's can't be live like RAW, might boost the ratings a bit) but we all know it was a measly two day reign.

Since the spoilers broke out all over the web, many WWE fans have taken to Twitter and have blasted Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) for his win.

Some people saying he doesn't deserve it, others accusing him of running to Vince and crying for a title and so on.

For those people let me clue you in on something.

Randy Orton is not Shawn Michaels, Triple H or Hulk Hogan. He does not and never has had Vince McMahon's ear.

Randy Orton was given the strap because Vince feels he can carry and sell Smackdown better than Christian can.

In reality, Vince is probably right.

That of course does not excuse Vince of jipping us fans by switching the title with little to no build up (more on that here).

In spite of being one of the darlings of the internet wrestling community (IWC), Christian hasn't really gotten over with other WWE fans.

He made strides with the emotional retirement of Edge, but Vince probably believes that will quickly wear off. Who can really blame him? Entertainment wise, we're a very ADD society and guys like Christian fade from the general consciousness quickly.

That's not to say Christian hasn't paid his dues, but let's be honest shall we? Popularity wise, he peaked in the tag team division with Edge and he was handsomely rewarded for his efforts there.

In singles he's gotten over a little but the majority of the fans really don't see him as a main-eventer and neither does Vince.

Winning the Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules was a lifetime achievement award for Christian and even though it was short he at least got the belt.

More deserving wrestlers like Curt Hennig, Owen Hart and Roddy Piper never did.

When Orton went out through the gorilla position (named for the late great Gorilla Monsoon) to face Christian, he was just doing his job.

Had he refused, Vince would have just found someone else to win the title and may have buried Orton, like he did to Triple H after the infamous "Curtain Call."

Or had Orton gone out there and took a dive to Christian, not only would it have been unprofessional and gotten him in a heap of trouble it probably would have landed Christian in hot water too.

Much like the "Curtain Call" Orton probably would have received less of a punishment (sort of like Shawn Michaels) and Christian would have probably barred the brunt of it, and unlike Triple H his career in the WWE probably never would recover.

So to everyone spouting off on Orton: lay-off, like you do everyday he was just doing his job and following orders from his boss to a scripted show.

He didn't kill or maim anybody, he just won a fictional title that takes a great deal of hard work to be considered for, but in the end he is simply following a script.

That would be like hating Dwayne Johnson for trying to arrest Vin Diesel in the new Fast and Furious movie.

Anyways, even though you know what happened watch the match on Friday, I hear it's really good and as always follow me on Twitter (@jomac006).