Ghosts of Eagles Past

Joseph ZillmerContributor IOctober 15, 2008

My sleep came fitfully last night, waking up to stare at the digital clock; 2:44, 3:09, 4:22, then restless slumber.

The dreams at first were pleasant, almost fun.  Seth Joyner was catching Warren Moon from behind on a critical Monday night.  Wes Hopkins disengages Jay Novacek's helmet and it spins on the Vet turf like a top.  Jim McMahon is not hit out of bounds on that Monday night in 1991 and the Eagles beat the 'Skins to go 5-0 and eventually win the Super Bowl. 

Randall escapes blitzing defenders for over a minute and throws a 90 yard pass that Fred Barnett elevates, then delicately drops two toes in the back of the end-zone.  Eagles win,  Eagles win!

The tone suddenly changes.  Andy Reid appears with a long face screaming, "I'll take responsibility for that loss," then he cackles menacingly.  Rich Kotite paces back and forth smiling hideously. Jeffrey Lurie appears in a bright Hawaiian shirt, lecturing the listeners, "We will win today, I like our coach, our personnel and most importantly, the direction of this proud franchise."

I was in that state knowing that I was dreaming but without a remedy to stop the horror or wake myself up. 

Then the unbearable sequence started,  Jerry Jones was sitting behind a thousand microphones smiling that skin stretched too tight, facelift gone horribly wrong smile; "The Dallas Cowboys are happy to announce that we have successfully traded for former University of Texas receiver and  Detroit Lion, Roy Williams."  My heart was racing, panic overtook my entire being.  Sweat oozed from every pore.

I awoke drenched and drained.  The clock shown 5:59.  59, Seth's old number. The revery of Seth, Reggie, Jerome, Willie T, Wes, Eric, and Buddy gently folded into my awareness, calming me back to peaceful ease.  Thank God it was only a pre-Halloween nightmare.