WWE: IWC Needs To Relax, Realize It Really Doesn't Matter

Craig Goldberg@CHYNAisPrettyContributor IIIMay 4, 2011

You know that kid that you meet the first day of the third grade who before even getting to know you, promptly explains to you why his dad’s job is better than your dad’s job?  He then explains how great his Christmas was compared to yours, how many more video games he owns than you and how his cousin is a professional skateboarder who is already sponsored by (insert any awesome company here).

This same kid will carry his insecurities throughout his whole life, constantly bragging about his intense workout regiment, and making bold statements such as, “People who watch TV are just so…sad”.  I have actually had somebody say that to me.

Let me let you in on a little secret about that kid.  His parents didn't love him.

And that is how I view the current state of the Internet wrestling community.  The IWC is like a huge group of insecure kids who get no love from their parents.  Maybe they reach back to a time in their life when they got a little TLC from mom and dad, or The WWE in our case.  They constantly rack their brains for a sweet memory of a bloody Steve Austin not tapping out to an enraged Bret Hart’s sharpshooter, or maybe it was Mick Foley flailing through the air from atop the Hell In A Cell cage that gets their blood flowing.

Any wrestling fan over the age of 16 can run off a laundry list of legendary WWE moments that are vastly “superior” to what we get to watch these days.  But I pose this one question to the IWC. 


Why are these moments better?  What does a single match or storyline from 10 years ago not have on anything currently happening in WWE?

I guess it depends on who you ask.  Go ask a 10-year-old kid about how he feels to the current Cena and Miz feud as compared to The Rock and Austin in the late nineties.  You know what he is going to say?

He is going to say that Cena and the Miz are the best at what they do and nobody past or present will ever top them.  He might not articulate it in that manner, but that will be the gist of it.  WWE is extremely unique in the sense that it appeals to a wider generational fan-base than any other form of entertainment.  Where else will you find intelligent conversation between a 12-year-old boy and a 60-year-old man?

This is why it is laughable to think that Vince McMahon cares at all about what the IWC thinks about the current product.   Vince, unlike most people, has grown with the times, which is something most people including older wrestling fans have trouble doing.  The wrestling business is ever changing, and with each new generation comes a millions of new fans that will be buying a bulk of the merchandise.  It may drive you crazy but pro wrestling is a business first.  The only way that WWE would change course in its current product is if people stopped watching, and that is not going to happen.


I literally laughed out loud to myself reading some of the comments online today concerning Randy Orton taking the World Heavyweight Title from Christian on Tuesday night.  As a long-time fan of WWE I have to say that I am completely shocked in this so-called outrage being thrown around today at Vince McMahon and Randy Orton for that matter. 

I understand the sentiment that Christian is a workhorse who deserves a title run, but as fans we have to step back and realize that ultimately Vince is going to do what is best for business.  Hopefully this will lead to some great matches between Orton and Christian taking us through SummerSlam.  At least we have some foreseeable direction for the Smackdown brand, and that is not something we have always seen.

The main thing that had me laughing was that one of the things that the IWC is always complaining about is that WWE never surprises us anymore and they have gotten away from the anything can happen mentality that was so loved in the nineties.  I think a twenty-four hour title run from Christian is pretty shocking and frankly makes me want to watch Smackdown that much more.

The whole point I am trying to make is that maybe if the IWC spent a little less time coming off as unloved children and disgruntled old men, maybe they would actually learn to enjoy the product for what it is.  I find it a privilege to be a true wrestling fan, but I can attest that if you just sit back and watch without over thinking it, WWE tends to be much more enjoyable.

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