NFL Network's Missing Rings Missing Purpose

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 15, 2008

A few years ago, the NFL Network began running a series called "America's Game" whose original purpose was to count down the 20 best Super Bowl teams of all time.  Being that there were only 40 options at that time, it did seem a little redundant.  I mean, there's already going to be 50% of them on the list just from the numbers.   What about the other 20, were they not great?
As the series became more popular, the network decided to do a show on ALL of the Super Bowl champions.  The shows were very entertaining, consisting of interviews with three selected personnel of that team as well as highlights and behind the scenes storylines of that season.
Unfortunately though, since this is a show that talks about the Super Bowl champions, they now have to wait a whole year just to do another original episode.  With that in mind, as well as ratings to be had, they decided to continue the series not of Super Bowl champions, but of those teams that came close but ultimately did not get the ring.
Now this has me puzzled.  Since when do we celebrate number two in sports?  Or for that matter number three, four, or five?  At first I thought this was just an attempt to give the Buffalo Bills some attention for there four straight Super Bowl appearances.  And although some of these episodes have focused on the Super Bowl losers, some have gone to ones that didn't even get there such as the 1981 San Diego Chargers and the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.
Not that those weren't good teams but why do they get their own shows?  What about the teams that beat them to get to the Super Bowl and they themselves lost?  What makes the conference championship game losers more worthy of talking about than the ones who made it like the 1981 Bengals and 1998 Dirty Bird Falcons?
This concept of celebrating good teams that lost to great teams could last for a long time.  One show I hope we don't see is last season's New England Patriots.  Luckily the Super Bowl losers being mentioned so far are franchises like the Vikings and Bills which have never won a Super Bowl at all.
With that in mind, who's up for the future?  Just in terms of teams who've never won a Super Bowl period we've got the1991 Detroit Lions with the great story of Mike Utley.  How about one of those Cardiac Kid teams of the Cleveland Browns of the 1980's?  The Tennessee Titans would be a good choice since they could also talk about their move from Houston and transition to becoming the Titans.  Of course, you'd also be able to talk about the Music City Miracle.  How about the Philadelphia Eagles, there are a lot of options for them.  Then again, there have been so many of those they could have their own show.