BYU's Real Problem With the BCS

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

As I go reading through various people’s blogs and comments across the Internet, there is one common problem that I have discovered: Everything is totally black and white to most people. Your team has one bad game and the season is over, even if they don’t lose.

How the outcome of one game barely halfway through the season could result in the rest of the season being a failure is beyond me.

I am well aware of the state of college football, in which one loss, or even not applying a beatdown to a lesser opponent, can result in your being benched by the powers that be in the selection process—but maybe all of the talk is just what the BCS people want.

Every day there is a plethora of articles about how screwed up the BCS is and that change is needed. While I definitely have to agree with that thought process, maybe the BCS is sticking with the “any publicity is good publicity” idea.

If the BCS folded and went to a real national championship that was decided on the field, regardless of what conference you are from and how good voters THINK you are, what would all of the sports radio announcers have to talk about all week? Heaven forbid they actually discuss the games that were played or will soon be played.

This season and last season, more than almost any others, show that supposed experts know very little. Watching the Texas-OU game and having to listen to my favorite announcer aimlessly run his mouth about whatever was apparent to the most juvenile fan simply reaffirmed my belief that sportscasters buy their jobs—they don’t earn them.

You may be asking, what does any of this have to do with BYU? It is quite simple actually.

BYU is undefeated this season. They beat two teams from a supposed “power conference,” putting a major beatdown on one of the most storied programs in college football. Yet their fans talk about this one week being make or break, and the media refuses to give them any credit.

If you want to criticize BYU for the teams they have beaten, why not attack Texas Tech? Their schedule is about to get a whole lot tougher, though, and we will see how they hold up.

This week is going to be the gut check week for this BYU team. TCU is no joke, holding a top 25 ranking for the second time this season with an awesome defense. On the flip side, BYU has a pretty solid defense itself, and an offense that is due for a breakout game.

I am so excited to see them in person for the first time this year. Fort Worth is going to be a fun place to be Thursday night. It’s almost fitting that it will be on a Thursday night so that the whole country will be able to see the outcome independent of the Saturday chaos.

Go Cougars!