Watch and Listen: The 50 Best Entrance Songs in UFC History

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Watch and Listen: The 50 Best Entrance Songs in UFC History
Photo credit: Bling Cheese

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Maybe that's why the big entrance is such an interesting part of fight night. Though obviously secondary to, you know, the fight, a good entrance energizes the fighter and his team, whips the crowd into a frenzy and maybe even psyches out the enemy.

And the biggest part of that entrance is the song. The guy up in row double-Z can't see your menacing scowl (and neither can your opponent, for that matter), but they can darn sure hear your anthem.

What makes a great entrance song? Clearly, music is completely subjective at the end of the day. But in general, a great walkout song pumps you up. However, that doesn't mean the loudest song is always the best.

Great UFC entrance songs do intimidate, though, as well as offer some kind of a window into a fighter's personality or style. Ideally, they should also be original, because then it's a signature song, and not just some regurgitation of the warmed-over leftovers from some T-shirt cannon TV timeout.

So with all those criteria in mind, here are my submissions for the 50 best entrance songs in UFC history. Lots of weight classes and music genres represented.

I attempted to include walkout videos whenever possible, but failing that, I included a YouTube clip of a performance of the song.

If you're looking for some kind of definitive walkout song ranking formula, well, good luck in your continued search. That said, if your favorite isn't on here, let me know in the comments. 

Scott Harris is a columnist and slideshow writer with Bleacher Report MMA. For additional entrance-song commentary and other hard-hitting MMA news, follow him on Twitter @ScottHarrisMMA

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