WWE: Why This Friday's SmackDown Contains a Grave Mistake (SPOILERS)

Seth GrausContributor IIIMay 4, 2011

Having just read the spoilers for this Friday's Smackdown, I am beyond shocked. It is no secret that I am about as big a Christian fan as they come. While Extreme Rules was an amazing pay-per-view, I was extremely disappointed at Miz dropping the belt to Cena in the main event. I thought that it was a senseless decision that cut short a title run that actually gave the world title some prestige.

However, I let it pass because for the first time, Christian, a man that spent years trying to win over the fans by putting on matches ranging from good to extraordinary, was finally being rewarded for his efforts. Edge coming to celebrate with Christian was a fairytale moment, and it left me, and many other long time fans, beaming.

So why is taking the belt off of Christian a grave mistake?

There are tons of legitimate reasons, but the one that sticks out most to me is: The World Heavyweight Title, once again, means nothing.

In this Friday's Smackdown, Christian will lose the title to Randy Orton. Yes, the same Orton who is already a seven-time World Champion. In a very striking parallel to John Cena, both superstars, who rarely mentioned the World title in the past few months, managed to win the gold as soon as it slipped from their lips that they wanted to win the big one again.

It is no surprise that World Titles do not mean as much as they used to in this day and age. In many cases, both titles have been passed around like hot cakes (Dolph Ziggler held the World Heavy Championship for less than day). But when I saw Christian jump up and down after his grueling ladder match with Alberto Del Rio, the thought that immediately popped into my head was:

"The World Title means something now"

For the first time in god knows how long, I actually looked at that title and saw meaning. I looked at that title and saw that it was actually worth something, and needed to be earned. I was ecstatic. I, along with many other wrestling fans, was excited for what the future would bring. I was ready for exciting feuds where both men wanted the title; where both men would put their lives on the line for that title.

And then bam. Orton wins. Gone is the bittersweet feeling of having Edge leave while his best friend accomplishes his dream. Gone is the opportunity for a new wrestler to have a shot at reaching that final top level where only Cena and Orton reside.

While guys like Cody Rhodes are getting pushed, for the most part, the WWE refuses to give a lot of deserving wrestlers that one truly big push. Miz got sidelined so that the WWE title could be a prop in the Rock vs Cena feud. And now Christian has an embarrassing two-day title reign to his name.

Even if Orton winning the title is a plan to push Christian even higher in an intense feud, I just have to ask: Why bother? The title, in my eyes, has once against lost all meaning. You can give Christian another win, and I will be happy when it happens, but the fact remains that his first run with the title that he deserved for so long has been tainted, and that very same title that he fought so hard for is once again a toy in my eyes.

Feel free to comment, whether you agree or disagree with the points I made. More than anything, I want to have a discussion on the matter, and see what the rest of the fans think about this. I understand that a better opinion on the matter can be formed after seeing how the title loss is played up on Smackdown, but in my eyes, my points still have merit.