Pats Play Terribly, Lose To Chargers

Matt's Pats BlogAnalyst IOctober 14, 2008

The San Diego Chargers had one goal during the offseason: build a team capable of beating the New England Patriots. The entire organization, from the owner down to the practice squad players, were on the same page. After some devastating playoff losses to the powerhouse Patriots, the Chargers finally got their wish.

In fact, the Chargers got much more than just a win. They had a complete annihilation of the Pats, making them look foolish on the field. Although there were a few bright spots, the Pats looked terrible in all three phases. I was legitimately embarrassed to watch this team (though may I note that I would be much more embarrassed if I were a San Diego fan, because those fans couldn't even enjoy an overwhelming victory and needed to "boo" uncontrollably for several minutes over a questionable call).

Player Stock Market:


Run Defense: Only shining light for the Pats was holding San Diego (and LT) to 98 yards on 28 carries.


K Stephen Gostkowski - Although he missed his first field goal of the season, he's still the most consistent player on our roster. And, again, it was only the first FG he missed all year. The kid can kick it.


Pass Defense - The deep ball killed us over and over again while the pass rush yielded 0 sacks. Vincent Jackson is not as good as he showed against us. Specifically, Deltha O'Neal was terrible in coverage, reminiscent of having Duane Starks as a starting CB.

Matt Cassel - Another bad outing from our "average one week, terrible the next" quarterback. His 4th & Goal scramble was one of the worst decisions thus far, and he didn't look comfortable for one second in the pocket. As of now, I can only say one good thing about this QB: He's having a better season than any of the QBs who started above him at USC (Palmer is 0-6 and Leinart is a backup).