BlogPoll Week 7: What Just Happened … Again

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BlogPoll Week 7: What Just Happened … Again
Why do teams hate being ranked in the Top 5? And, why does every uber-hyped SEC matchup remind me of a 1990s Super Bowl blowout?

I rewarded my clairvoyance by placing Texas atop this poll. If I were really clairvoyant, they would already have been there. Either way, the Longhorns appear to have the most impressive to date, until they lose or Oklahoma starts sucking (see Alabama’s win versus Georgia).

My provisional ballot and discussion follows after the jump.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 3
2 Penn State 4
3 Alabama --
4 Florida 4
5 Southern Cal --
6 Oklahoma State 6
7 Oklahoma 6
8 Texas Tech 1
9 Georgia 4
10 Missouri 8
11 LSU 4
12 Brigham Young 1
13 Michigan State 1
14 Ohio State 1
15 Utah 1
16 Kansas 10
17 California 1
18 North Carolina 5
19 Georgia Tech 2
20 Virginia Tech 1
21 Wake Forest 5
22 Pittsburgh --
23 Boise State 3
24 TCU 1
25 South Florida 1

Dropped Out: Vanderbilt (#10), Illinois (#19).

Love conquers all, except BlogPoll ballots: I love the Buckeyes but they are giving me zero reasons to vote them much higher. Their best win is Wisconsin and the Badgers were just pantsed by Penn State in the exact same environment where Pryor’s heroics saved the Buckeyes. Sure, Wisconsin was done after two straight heartbreakers but good teams do not roll over and die at home. This weekend is an opportunity for Ohio State to move up. Maybe. Speaking of Penn State, the Lions look scary.

Big 12 (South) Goodness: I have four Big 12 South teams among the top eight and Missouri perched at #10. I realize that the likelihood of that being true is …well, unlikely but I have no choice. Big 12 teams play competitive games, while the rest of the nation looks like crap. I would love to vote LSU in the 20s after that beating but exactly which teams should be placed ahead of them?

ACC Mediocrity: If you have any idea who the top ACC team is, speak up. I have none, so I grouped them conveniently together so that upon wins and losses I can move them around with much ado. I know UNC lost to VT, but I think the Tar Heels are better and should have won that game. I know GT and WF often decide to leave their offenses on the bus, but they have the two best defenses in the league. And, in a league of no offense a defense goes a long way. I would love to see the current Vegas odds for winning the ACC.

This is your chance to persuade me that my voting acumen is the equivalent of Michigan’s offense. But since none of you caught my accidental omission of Kansas last week, I am going to need to see your work to give partial credit.

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