WWE Raw Results: Did the Rock's Birthday Ruin Over the Limit?

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WWE Raw Results: Did the Rock's Birthday Ruin Over the Limit?

First off, let me say The Rock did a phenomenal job opening WWE Raw, as expected.

Having the crowd say the Pledge of Allegiance in unison gave me chills and it was great to see such unity amongst the entire crowd.

The Rock was dominant verbally as usual and his burying of Michael Cole was something that I think we were all glad to see.

But did all of the hoopla over the Rock ruin the creative storylines for Over the Limit?

Extreme Rules was one of the best PPVs in recent memory, and it would be tough for WWE to top it just three weeks later, but what can be built now in the next two weeks?

John Morrison vs. R-Truth didn't even make its way to the ring, presumably because the Rock was given an open amount of time for his promo, which cut into their match (expect a rematch at Over the Limit).

Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly was even shorter than normal with Kharma attacking Maryse 10 seconds into the match.

John Cena vs. the Miz was what nearly all of us believed would close the show because it was for the WWE title, but no. It was given decent time, but now where does the storyline go from here?

I would assume that the Miz and Riley will go their separate ways, and maybe Cena and Miz face each other at Over the Limit, but why waste the match on free TV then?

After the Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre match, you would have to think that Alberto Del Rio will face Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit, but we've already seen that. Why rehash it when you could have developed something new?

Finally, we had Mason Ryan dominating Kane and the Big Show and leaving the Nexus behind. Maybe this is building to him turning on CM Punk, but who knows?

The overall message I got from Raw is this:

WWE feels the need to have an inordinate amount of PPVs because they make a ton of money from them.

But when you have three weeks between PPVs, you cannot completely waste one week of Raw on not developing the storylines any further.

This is partially due to the Rock's birthday, but the moral of the story is that WWE needs to cut down on the number of PPVs.

Now we are going to be asked to spend another $50 within three weeks.

Will you buy Over the Limit, even though it is the second PPV in less than a month?

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How can WWE ask fans to spend $100 on PPVs in one month, when everyone knows that the economy has fallen on hard times?

For a company that normally understands their audience, WWE sure did miss the boat on this one.

One final note: Isn't it interesting that anytime the Rock is on Raw, it can go until whatever time he feels like stopping?

Universal produced Fast Five. Fast Five was the biggest opening ever for the studio.

NBC Universal operates the USA Network, which runs Raw.

Translation: the Rock can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

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