Live Blog from Hopkins-Pavlik

ChristianCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008


                                 Kelly Pavlik - Bernard Hopkins Blog

                              -- Live from Atlantic City, NJ --

    5:00 PM

     Hello boxing fans, CJ Vick here, I just checked into my hotel and I am headed to the weigh-in. The city is electric, with buzz, and I cant wait to see the fighters in a couple minutes. I only have fifteen minutes to get there so I will check back in with all of you at about eight o'clock for in-depth coverage of the weigh-in. See you then! -CJ Vick


    8:11 PM

      Hey boxing fans, sorry I am late, the weigh-in was spectacular. Not only did I get a good, long look at the combatants, but the energy in the room was at a fever pitch. For the first time that I can remember Kelly Pavlik was doing alot more jawing than usual and he seemed legitmaitly aggravated by the tact of Benard Hopkins. I was surrounded by boxing royalty, all around me, and I must say Kelly Pavlik's fans travel in force. The coolest part of the weigh in was the fact that me and my team got to interview Bob Arum, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, , Naseem Richardson, and Eric Schaeffer from Golden Boy Promotions. These interviews are amazing and as we speak we are loading the video on the blog. I think the Bob Arum interview was sick, but I will let you be the judge. Take care and I will check in soon. Go Bleacher Report!

-Here is the initial report from Friday night's weigh-in. Stay tuned for more exclusive, Bleacher Report interviews:

-CJ Vick, Bleacher Report


9:00 PM

Hey there boxing fans; I wanted to wait. I wanted to share my encounter with the legend Bob Arum. Keep in mind he was in the middle of a weigh-in, but he was still cool enough to grant me some of his time. Enjoy and believe me there is much more on the way fans: 

-CJ Vick, Bleacher Report

9:15 PM

I am back boxing fans. This time I have an interview with Benard Hopkins' Cornerman, Naseem Richardson, and he has some candid things to say about, one, Mr. Kelly Pavilk. I really enjoyed talking to this guy and I hope you fans enjoy this interview. See you soon:

-CJ Vick, Bleacher Report

9:37 PM

Hey fans I have another sick close up of a boxing icon. I had the pleasure of meeting "Sugar" Shane Mosley. Wow was he a nice guy. I asked him, about his future and, who he wants. The loud host of the weigh-in has a booming voice, but if you listen you can hear who Shane wants to fight. Enjoy; and there is more coming. I will also be posting full transcripts of the interview that are not audible to, you, the viewer:

-CJ Vick, Bleacher Report

9:55 PM

Hey boxing fans! There has been alot of talk about who "Sugar" Shane Mosley is going to fight next. I asked the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions this very same question and man did he duck it. Check it out...HAHAHA:

-CJ Vick, Bleacher Report

                                   Sat October 18th

2:00 PM

hey boxing fans sorry I am getting to you guys so late in the day, wow this promotion has been so much fun to go to and cover. I have met some of the biggest people in the sport and I am continuing to do so as we speak,the latest entry i have for you fans is a fight day sit down I had with Jack Loew. The crazy thing about this is heading into the weekend I was not sure about this guy and after meeting him and hanging out with him long after the interview was over i must say....Jack Loew is one chill dude,enjoy I will check in with you guys before me and the team head to boardwalk hall,take care


                                  Sunday Oct 19th


hey boxing fans I wanted to thank all of you that checked in on my blog and I have to say it was a blast of a weekend. I will be publishing a post fight presser for you fans sometime tommrow.I have exclusive information on Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley that is not just hear say,it is on tape, I will also be taking a look back at the weekend from a fans point of view,take care 

-CJ Vick Bleacher report