Injuries In Dallas Open Doors For Tashard Choice

Brittany BakerContributor IOctober 14, 2008

Is the success of the Cowboys wrapped around Tony Romo’s pinkie finger?  We’ll have to see if the team really revolves around Romo for the next couple weeks.  His presence on the field will, to say the least, be sorely missed.

His broken pinkie could set the Cowboys back 4 games, it could mean even more players on the IR, or it could just be another injury in the national football league.  Only time will tell.

A sidelined Tony Romo means the Cowboys are looking for a reliable crystal ball for the next month.  Anything could happen, especially since Romo isn’t the only key player who is out.  Anthony Spencer, Matt McBriar, Sam Hurd, Adam Jones, to name a few.  The Cowboys need a leader.

It’s safe to say that Brad Johnson has big shoes to fill, veteran or not.  The Cowboys should be looking to their running game to step-up and make plays, but will they get the job done?


Marion Barber is a sure thing.  Barber is an awesome spectacle to behold when he totes the rock.  He runs with an intensity that is unmatched and he makes it look easy.  It’s the back-up back that ends with a question mark for the game against the Rams this week.

A second back hasn’t been a problem so far this season.  Felix Jones has been a productive supplement to the Cowboys running game – his fluid style and speed are the perfect match to the brute force Barber brings to the table.

But Jones is out for the next two weeks with a strained hamstring. 

So the Cowboys will delve a little further in their depth chart.  Tashard Choice is next on the list for back-up running back, and it will be interesting to see how he does.  He is definitely capable.

According to Rob Phillips of, Chris Long, a first-round draft pick this year was asked who the toughest running back he faced in college was.  Long said, “I personally believe Tashard Choice is the best running back in the league.”

Choice will have a break-out game against the Rams.  “I’m always ready to play,” said Choice.  “I’m always ready to run the football.  So if they give me the opportunity I’m going to make the best of it.”

Choice is a heads-up player with a lot to prove.  He will make the most of this opportunity because the Cowboys need him to.  He will prove why he earned his roster spot by being consistent on the field and making solid plays.

The Cowboys should use Choice early in the game.  It would be in their best interest to let Barber finish the game out if it is close, but odds are, the game against the Rams will be one sided despite the many injuries on the Cowboys.

The next two games will be increasingly difficult opponents with the Bucs and the Giants.  The Cowboys will have to get better week after week to keep up with the schedule.

The next three games are going to test the integrity of the entire roster of Dallas Cowboys.  Let’s see how far down the chart the talent goes in Dallas.