Will the Cowboys Survive the Season?

Nik SanbornContributor IOctober 14, 2008

When the Dallas Cowboys made a blockbuster trade for Detroit Lions star wide receiver Roy Williams moments before the NFL trade deadline passed on Tuesday, October 15th, it announced that they would be going "all in" for this season.  But is this Dallas team really as stable as it looks?

When it was announced that quarterback Tony Romo would miss the next month with a broken pinkie, it made their playoff hopes go from guaranteed to questionable, as a month of losing would have their record plummet to 4-6, hardly a good team. Even splitting the next four games has them at 6-4, which could put them in potentially last place in their heavyweight division.

The play at quarterback is the least of their worries, even with octogenarian backup Brad Johnson behind center. Their defense has been suspect, getting torched repeatedly by talented offenses, their running game has been streaky of late, and their offensive line has been inconsistent as well.  It seems that their receiving is the only part of the team that hasn't let them down.

It's ironic because that's the area that will pull this team apart.

Anthony Henry getting torched and Adam Jones getting suspended (again) can only hurt the team so much. But another player, one who goes by Terrell Owens, has already started to show his true colors that have torn not one, but two teams to shreds.

Last week Owens was seen yelling at his teammates when they'd miss an assignment or drop a pass. This is not how a good teammate acts. Now factor in that there is now another set of hands to feed at receiver in Williams. With Jason Witten and Miles Austin also commanding the ball for their talent, I'm not so sure Brad Johnson can spread the ball out enough. 

Romo always had a few deep balls to send Owens way, but Johnson simply doesn't have the arm strength to get the ball to him 50 yards downfield. Johnson sticks with the short passes, which means he'll be looking for possession receivers like Williams and Witten, not the guy who is consistently in the top 5 for drops each year in the NFL.

And we all know what happens when Owens doesn't get the ball.

So just one question remains: Will the recent turn of events help the Cowboys win their first playoff game since 1996, or will they cause Terrell Owens to destroy the franchise as he has done before?