UFC 133: Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes Likely to Meet in Philadelphia

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

Add Jose Aldo versus Chad Mendes to a UFC 133 card that already features a bout between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis.

Aldo and Mendes are likely to meet in Philadelphia for UFC 133 in a bout for the UFC featherweight belt. It could be the UFC's second trip to Pennsylvania in a month and a half.

UFC president Dana White talked about when Aldo would likely be fighting next at the UFC 129 post-fight press conference Sunday morning.

"That's a curveball for me right now, [but] I think we're looking at Jose possibly fighting Philly," White said.

Aldo will be coming off of a performance where fans saw him in the most trouble he has ever been in since his loss in 2005 to Luciano Azevedo.

The featherweight champion, Aldo, has other things on his mind than a matchup with Mendes.

"To me, I'm not sure if that's the fight or not," Aldo said. "I just want to take a week off and just think about it and rest my body. But I'm an employee, and whoever [Dana White] wants me to fight, that's who I've got to go and take out. So I'm prepared to fight whoever they put in front of me any time."

Aldo, who is 19-1 in his career now after a unanimous decision victory over Hominick, says Hominick was just as tough as he other opponents.

"Every one of my fights are difficult," Aldo said. "I respect all of my opponents and I prepare for all of my fights the same way. So I think this fight tonight just shows that I'm not only a guy that can knock people out quick, that I have the heart to go all five rounds and still hold on."

UFC 133 is expected to take place in Philadelphia, although it has not been confirmed yet. UFC 133 will take place on August 6th. It will be just the promotion's second trip to Philadelphia ever.