WWE Diva Fan Says Goodbye and Thank You to Top Diva Michelle McCool

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

Let me start out by saying I have been a fan of women's wrestling for a long time, and when it comes to being able to watch anything on TV in the States, the WWE Divas have always been my favorites.

Despite the now complete turn from even using the word "wrestling", I still like to think of these women as such. The combination of smart, sexy and powerful has not been an easy feat for the Divas to represent, especially when more is placed on one part of the combination than all three combined. However, there have been a few Divas in the last few years who have been able to work all three and one of them is Michelle McCool.

It can definitely be said that I have not always been a fan of hers. Quite frankly, there were times I couldn't stand her being around, and even now there are moments of hers I dislike. But now, in light of her run with the WWE over, I must admit that I am saddened by her loss. Despite having and using opportunities to speak negatively about her or groan at her music, I can't deny that the woman is good, even great, and I did look forward to her matches. I also can't deny that despite not always being a fan, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching her improve over the five years in the ring and give fans some pretty good Divas matches.

In watching her final wrestling match, I was anticipating the end for her. I can admit that Layla is my favorite Diva and I was hoping for her not to lose, but once the stipulation changed from "Loser Leaves Smackdown" to "Loser Leaves WWE", I knew it was McCool. I enjoyed the match immensely, in that both made it seem like something very important was on the line, unlike the recent matches we've seen on RAW for the "prestigious" Unified Divas Championship.

They fought hard, and in the end, McCool wasn't outright defeated, but was instead outwitted by her best pal and former partner in crime. In the end, the both of them looked great in defeat. The crying at the end felt more like friends being sad they ended the way they did, and you almost forgot that there was a stipulation. Of course, big bad KHARMA made her debut and completely laid out McCool, sending a statement to the Divas watching backstage, and perhaps making a statement to us all that things were going to change. With McCool gone, that might legitimately be true.

I can say at this point that I genuinely feel bad for McCool. In light of her hard work ethic and drive to be better, her career in the WWE will forever be marred by backstage and personal situations, and many will feel she's never deserved everything she's been given or done. I felt like that at one point, but I don't anymore.

I will say that, as a fan of the Divas, I have been entertained and will always appreciate that this woman worked as hard as her male counterparts.

I will simply say...thank you Michelle McCool.