WWE: What Kharma's Debut Means for the Divas Division

Aron NaylorContributor IIMay 2, 2011

At the extreme rules PPV this Sunday, we witnessed the debut of the diva known as Kharma, or as we all know her, Awesome Kong.

After an intimidating and methodical walk to the ring, Kharma went on to bury Michelle McCool, who had just suffered a defeat at the hands of her former best friend, Layla. Kharma proceeded with her debut by slamming McCool into the mat in a dominating manner, and after a tremendous thud—and of course, the cackle we have all heard during the promo videos played during Raw and SmackDown—Kharma left the ring, leaving the WWE universe wondering, what's next?


Divas and Entertainment

Over the last few years, we have seen the rapid decline of the WWE Divas. They have went from sexy, smart and powerful, to nothing more than breaks in programming for many viewers to pop to the toilet or to run off and get a snack.

No more: Kharma's debut is a big kick up the backside for the female locker room. Divas will now have to compete against one another to earn a place on regular programming and not on Superstars or—if your Rosa Mendes—skipping back stage.

Female superstars MUST step up their A-game and bring it each and every week to ensure their place.


Less Screaming, More Bleeding

We finally have a female superstar that is capable of performing in hardcore match ups such as ladder matches, Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere and Iron Wo-man to name a few, but we do lack Divas who can be used in conjunction with Kharma in these sort of lineups.

At the moment, we have possibly one or two if we push it that could actually perform with Kharma in hardcore matches: Beth Phoenix and possibly Tamina. Let's hope the WWE starts investing more money in the extreme Divas than the pretty ones, although I'm sure we won't complain if we can have both at the same time!

So, What's Next?

I see the Divas division gaining vast amounts of momentum in the coming months, although it may be some time before we have Divas capable of performing with Kharma. In the short term, we are geared up for a very unpredictable and exciting ride. 

Please, let me know what your thoughts are on my article and what you think is in store for the Divas division. 

Thanks for reading.