Roy Williams' Impact On The Dallas Cowboys

Buddy SmithSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2008

Roy Williams, who attended the University of Texas, will be returning home to join the Dallas Cowboys. At 6'3" and 211 pounds, Williams is a large target with breakaway speed. His addition to the Cowboys will have a major impact on the team, as defenses will have to adjust their strategies to the new threat in Irving, TX.

Going forward, the Cowboys will have a legitimate deep threat on each side. This is going to cause defenses to play more zone coverages.

Two-deep zone coverages give a myriad of responsibilities to the safeties on each side, while the middle of the field becomes the responsibility of the middle linebacker.

Often called the Tampa Two, this strategy is vulnerable to attack deep down the middle of the field. Balls thrown by Brad Johnson over the middle linebacker's head will be more likely to find targets Jason Witten and Patrick Crayton.

Crayton, who's spent time as a slot receiver, will likely move back to this role, as Williams assumes one of the roles at wideout.

Opponents will be less likely to play eight-man fronts against the new-look Cowboys. Eight men in the box (the area near the line of scrimmage) leaves two corners and a safety covering Terrell Owens and Williams, which is not the best proposition.

All Dallas running backs should benefit from this change in scheming. Marion Barber should almost never see a safety near the line of scrimmage. This should improve his yards per carry average.

Tony Romo has always shown himself to be a likable guy. Most people think that if you can get along with T.O., you can get along with anyone. He should work well with Williams.

Williams, after spending so much time in purgatory (Detroit), should be eager to learn Jason Garret's offense.

The only possible negative impact of Williams' presence could be the attitude of Terrell Owens. Owens likes the ball, but he loves to win. If the Cowboys play well, Owens should not be a problem.

All together, the Cowboys are going to be much harder to beat with Williams on the club. Look for them to do extremely well when Romo returns from his injury. Williams should improve both the running and passing game...more points equals more wins.