Manny Pacquiao: Too Nice for His Own Good?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMay 2, 2011

The Smiling Assassin
The Smiling AssassinJeff Gross/Getty Images

A few years back, I was getting ready to work out at The Wild Card Gym in Hollywood when a couple of Manny Pacquaio's boys from Manila started yelling at me while I was getting in my gym bag.

Seems I was in their line of sight while I was getting my equipment out of my bag.

Moments later Manny appeared and he gave his crew a look not to bother the gym regulars when they're working out. Next thing you know they were apologizing profusely for being rude. 

That's Manny in a nutshell.

He may have grown up on the tough streets of the Philippines but he is always a gentleman. He's all about showing respect to other people.

He's always got a smile for fans, he's giving to a fault and he always respects his opponents, which is why so many people love Manny and what he stands for.

It's why he'll probably be the president of his country some day.

But it also may be why Manny struggles to top Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at the box office on a regular basis in the US. And why some predict soft sales for this weekend's fight with Shane Mosley.

That's not to say Manny doesn't sell. He does. 

But he hasn't sold quite as much as Money May, even if Floyd's fights are like watching paint dry for most casual fans.

A lot of people think it might be because of the respect Manny shows his opponents.

Let's face it, Money Mayweather would be trash talking the second coming of Mother Teresa if he thought it would sell tickets. He's always willing to play the villain.

And his villain act pays off at the box office.

Some people estimate there are as many people who tune in to Floyd's fights hoping to see him lose as there are those who tune in to see him fight.

That may be true. All I know is they do tune in.

Will they tune in to this weekend's Pacquiao-Mosley showdown in the same numbers?

Especially considering the virtual love-fest that has occurred between the Pacquiao and Mosley camps in the weeks leading up to the fight. 

Stay tuned to find out.