WWE Extreme Rules 2011: 5 Reasons Why Christian Deserved to Win the World Title

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011: 5 Reasons Why Christian Deserved to Win the World Title

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    After an Extreme Rules pay-per-view where Awesome Kong debuted as Kharma and John Cena won the WWE Championship for the 10th time, the biggest talking point has been the fact that Christian has finally won a World title in the WWE.

    Ever since Edge and Christian split up as a tag team, Captain Charisma was overlooked and underused while Edge's illicit relationship with Lita rocketed him to the top.

    Christian's decision to make the move to TNA in 2005 seemed to signal the end of his main event aspirations with Vince McMahon's company.

    But after four years away, Christian returned and was given two title reigns on the dying ECW product. Every year Christian was touted to win the Money in the Bank ladder match, but every year he came up short, and it seemed the day would never come.

    But then a torn pectoral muscle that was caused by Alberto Del Rio kept Christian out for four months, and when he returned he became involved in Edge's feud with Del Rio for the World Heavyweight title.

    After Edge was forced to retire, Christian replaced him in his scheduled ladder match at Extreme Rules for the vacant World title.

    Christian's victory has been a long time coming, and here are five reasons why he deserves this success. 

His Lengthy Service to the Company

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    Despite Christian's hiatus with TNA, he has still committed eight years of his life to the WWE. That has included competing in all of the hardcore matches and putting his body on the line week in and week out.

    Christian helped to invent the TLC match, and the bumps that he took at WrestleMania X-7 helped to create one of the most entertaining matches of all time.

    He was one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time in Edge and Christian, and the feuds between the two after the break-up were also entertaining.

    He did his best to improve the ratings of ECW during his tenure in the Land of Extreme and put on a great match with Jack Swagger in 2009.

    There is no doubt that Christian has paid his dues, and finally he can call himself a World champion.

His Prior Success

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    Although he has never won a world title, Christian is a two-time ECW champion, a one-time European champion, a one-time Hardcore champion, a one-time Light Heavyweight champion, a three-time Intercontinental champion and a nine-time tag team champion.

    This is an impressive list of accolades and it shows a decorated career.

    Now he can add the most important championship of all to that list which makes him the 23rd Triple Crown champion and the 11th Grand Slam champion in the history of the company.

His Wrestling Ability

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    Christian has always had wrestling talent and was trained by Dory Funk Jr. His time on the independent scene in Canada helped his prowess, and now he is considered to be one of the better workers in the WWE.

    He has never struggled to produce good matches and can compete on any level. A varied and exciting move set make his matches interesting to watch, and he can handle all styles.

    Some of his more exciting moves include the Tornado DDT, the Sunset Flip, the Missile Dropkick and the Killswitch.

Edge's Retirement

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    After Eddie Guerrero's tragic passing in 2005, Rey Mysterio was given a push to World Championship status almost as a direct result.

    The fans can relate to the storyline of Rey winning the title for his best friend, and the same is true of Edge and Christian.

    The moment of victory where Edge came out to congratulate his former tag team partner was special for everyone who enjoyed the dynamic duo of E and C.


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    Del Rio was supposed to have broken Christian's arm and cost him four months of his career.

    It is only fair that Captain Charisma was given the chance to earn some payback by prolonging Del Rio's destiny even further.

    The Mexican can now go on to enjoy some serious success on Raw, and Christian has many heels to face on Smackdown, including several faces that have never been considered for the main event before—particularly Cody Rhodes.