A Waste Of Talent

Cory McDonaldContributor IOctober 14, 2008

  As many of you know Adam "Pacman" Jones has been suspended indefinitely by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the NFL Player Conduct Policy. Pacman will be out at least the next four games as Goodell will not determine the length of the suspension after the Cowboys' game against Washington November 16th. 

  One has to think that this was the last straw for Pacman.  He was out of football for the most of the last year and a half after being suspended by Goodell for various troubles with the law. 

  Pacman was given a second chance by both Goodell and Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, but it didn't take long for Pacman to get into trouble again.  This time it was an alcohol related scuffle with his bodyguard in an upscale hotel in Dallas.

It's unfortunate that a person with such talent can't seem to get his life on track.  He was a highly regarded draft pick by the Tennessee Titans, but poor decisions by Pacman led to him being suspended several times by the Titans finally he forced the NFL to suspend him for the entire 2007 season.

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys took a chance on Pacman by trading for Pacman before his suspension was up.  Goodell reinstated Pacman on August 28.  Pacman had played in the preseason and played every game so far this year for the Cowboys.

This latest suspension could end up being a lifetime ban from the NFL for Pacman.  Although I doubt he'll be banned for life he'll be gone until he gets his act together which includes taking the right steps to get off of alcohol and learning to be a better citizen and representative of the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL.

Pacman has been productive for the Cowboys so far this season.  Jones has 25 tackles and has 11 pass deflections, and has averaged 5.0 yards on 16 punt returns.

  As a child of a former alcoholic mother I have seen what abuse of it can do to a person.  Although not on the same scale Adam is abusing alcohol in the sense that he is making poor choices in life while drinking alcohol.

I hope Adam takes the steps to better his life and become a more positive, productive citizen of his community.  Also that Adam realizes that alcohol hasn't been good in his life and that he needs to rid his life of it.