WWE Extreme Rules Results: 20 Things We Want to See at WWE Over the Limit

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Results: 20 Things We Want to See at WWE Over the Limit

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    WWE Extreme Rules is officially in the books, and what could have been a throwaway pay-per-view actually turned out to be a rather newsworthy one.

    We saw the debut of Kharma (a.k.a. Awesome Kong) and the crowning of three new champions, including one that many of us still can't believe: Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

    So, now that the WWE has already gone extreme, it's time to go Over the Limit.

    In just less than three weeks, the WWE pay-per-view that steals its slogan from a drunken driving campaign will emanate from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

    And though I'm not sure what will happen there, here are 20 things I want to happen at WWE Over the Limit.  

20. An Intercontinental Championship Match

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    Hey, Wade Barrett, how about defending your Intercontinental Championship every once in a while?

    After all, I'm pretty sure that's what champions are supposed to do.

    Don't tell the WWE creative team that, though—they apparently don't believe it. 

19. A New Gimmick Match

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    I threw this in here, well, just because.

    Although I'm not really a fan of all the gimmick pay-per-views, the WWE has been moving in that direction for a couple of years now and will likely continue to do so.

    So, what's up with Over the Limit? Exactly what does Over the Limit mean? What "limit" is the WWE talking about?

    I don't know.

    But if the WWE creates a new gimmick match this pay-per-view, maybe it will be both less vague and more marketable.

18. The Split of the Corre

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    Plain and simple, The Corre sucks.

    Since the faction started, it's won multiple titles. But Wade Barrett's fallen incredibly far down the WWE totem pole, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have become the personal whipping boys of Big Show and Kane, and The Corre has started less chaos than a group of fifth graders who are hopped up on cake and ice cream.

    It's time for the group to end and Barrett to get his chance to truly become a singles star. 

17. Kelly Kelly

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    I miss my girl Kelly Kelly, and I want to see her at Over the Limit, even if it is just to job to Kharma.

    That is all.

16. The Continued Push of R-Truth

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    One phrase I really don't miss and probably never will: "What's up?"

    That's because I love the direction R-Truth's new heel character is going in, and I want to see it continue.

    Obviously, a feud with John Morrison is on the horizon, but I want to see even bigger and better things out of Truth as his new persona evolves.

15. The Culmination of the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler Storyline

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    I'll admit it, I thought that Extreme Rules would be the end of the seemingly never-ending between Michael Cole & Jack Swagger and Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross.

    But then Cole and Swagger won the Country Whipping Match at the pay-per-view, proving me wrong in the process.

    I just don't see this feud ending without the faces triumphing over the heels, so let's hope that it happens at Over the Limit.

14. Dolph Ziggler

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    Yeah, I'm not even putting an explanation in the title.

    I'm just putting "Dolph Ziggler" because this guy was a main eventer on Smackdown just a few months ago and needs to be on every WWE pay-per-view.

    And he needs to dye his hair blonde again, but that's an entire different story.

13. The in-Ring Debut of Kharma

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    Kharma technically made her WWE debut at Extreme Rules last night, but she didn't actually wrestle.

    It does appear, though, that she'll get a huge push as the top heel in the Divas division, so I'm holding out hope that the WWE doesn't give away her first match on free TV.

    Save it for Over the Limit, give it more than five minutes, and give her an opponent who can put on a decent match.

12. More Younger Stars on the Card

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    At Extreme Rules, where were guys like Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne and Sin Cara?

    Not on the card, obviously.

    That shouldn't happen again, as these up-and-comers need to get involved in meaningful feuds that result in pay-per-view bouts.

11. Wins for Heels

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    Aside from Michael Cole and Jack Swagger, the face won EVERY match at Extreme Rules.

    Yep, every match.

    Maybe the creative team could throw in a heel victory or two every once in a while. It certainly couldn't hurt.

10. The WWE Announcing the Matches Before the PPV

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    Here's a big pet peeve of mine: The WWE creative team seems to add at least one or two matches to every pay-per-view DURING THE PAY-PER-VIEW.

    Stop with that nonsense already.

    If you're going to have a United States Championship Match between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston, announce it before the pay-per-view goes on air.

    Believe it or not, it may actually generate more PPV buys.

9. A Victory for CM Punk

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    When did CM Punk become such a habitual loser?

    I mean, he's now lost three straight matches against Randy Orton, including two pay-per-view bouts.

    If the WWE wants Punk to stay with the company when his contract runs up, this certainly isn't the way to persuade him to do that.

8. John Cena Losing His WWE Championship

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    The Champ is here!

    Again? Really?

    I don't think I'm the only one who wishes "The Champ," um, wasn't here.

7. The End of the Feud Between the Miz and John Cena

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    I know, I know—if my last wish (Cena losing his title) comes true, then this one really can't.

    But I'm ready for the feud between The Miz and Cena to end, not because it's been a terribly bad feud or anything like that, but simply because it's gone on for far too long.

    Their rivalry has extended back to the Royal Rumble—and even way back before that if you want to get really technical—so it's time for these two to go their separate ways.

    Let's raise our glasses to the Miz/Cena feud ending at Over the Limit. 

6. The Elevation of Cody Rhodes

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    Maybe I'm in the minority here—I'm a huge Cody Rhodes fan—but I want to see this guy in the Smackdown main event. Now.

    With Alberto Del Rio now on Raw, both Christian and Randy Orton (who are Smackdown's top two faces) need a fresh heel to feud with.

    Forget Sheamus and Wade Barrett. Why not Cody Rhodes?

5. Another Match Between Christian and Alberto Del Rio

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    Maybe I'm being a bit hypocritical here (since I want the Cena/Miz feud to end), but I actually want to see more from Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

    Not only is the feud actually a good one, but the in-ring work is excellent and the storytelling is top-notch.

    If Del Rio simply moves over to Raw right away, he'll probably get lost in the shuffle until SummerSlam, when he's rumored to face Cena for the WWE Championship.

    But if he continues his feud with Christian for another month or so, at least he'll stay in the limelight a bit longer and we'll get to see some quality WWE action. 

4. The Start of Several New Feuds

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    Over the Limit will be two pay-per-views removed from Wrestlemania 27, and that means it should be time for some new feuds.

    I'm not even gonna be too picky about what the new feuds are, just as long as they're not recycled rivalries (like Orton vs. Sheamus) and they actually elevate the younger talent. 

3. The Return of Batista

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    At Over the Limit in 2010, former WWE star Batista wrestled his last match in the WWE, an "I Quit" Match against John Cena.

    A year later, F4WOnline.com reports that WWE officials are rumored to have offered "The Animal" a contract to return to the company.

    Coincidence? I guess we'll find out.

2. Christian Retaining His World Heavyweight Championship

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    If you're an optimist, you were jumping for joy and hoping for the best when Christian won his first World title in the WWE last night.

    But if you're a pessimist, you were probably saying, "Whatever. Christian's just going to be a transitional champion."

    I sure hope you pessimists are wrong.

1. The Return of Chris Jericho

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    As much as I enjoyed watching Chris Jericho attempt to waltz or do the tango on Dancing With the Stars, I'd rather watch him wrestle any day of the week.

    He recently teased appearing at Extreme Rules, but that didn't happen. At Over the Limit, though, maybe it will.

    For me personally, I'd love to see Jericho return on Smackdown for a brief feud with Orton (who took him out of action) before moving onto a World Heavyweight Championship feud with Christian.