Could T.O.'s Days Be Numbered with the Dallas Cowboys?

Daniel MuthSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2008

Jerry Jones just overpaid for a big, fast, slick-handed receiver who's a locker-room dream.

Jerry Jones never overpays when it comes to the draft.

Jerry Jones just pulled the trigger at the 11th hour for a position player that he already has.

Jerry Jones always seems to know what his team needs.

T.O., your days are numbered, my friend.

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys don’t need Roy Williams, but paper don’t come with a kindergartner’s brain in a man-sized body, and paper don’t spread like cancer through a locker room. By making this trade, Jerry Jones is saying to T.O., “I don’t need you.”

“You’re more than welcome to come along for the ride, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you sink this thing.”

Time will tell whether or not Owens gets the message, but, personally, I think he’s got to be furious right now that the Cowboys just gave up a first-, third-, and sixth-round pick for a big, strong No. 1 receiver. When T.O. gets mad, he melts down, and it won’t be long before he violates one of the many behavioral clauses in his contract and Jones will send him packing without having to pay him a dime.

It’s pretty clear already that Pacman Jones will not be rejoining the Cowboys, and I think that Jerry Jones has had enough with T.O. Jones knows that the Cowboys are just a breath away from the Super Bowl, with all the requisite pieces, and are just a legitimate top receiver short of that goal. A legitimate No. 1 receiver, that is, one that doesn’t sulk when the ball is thrown his way 20 times, actually catches what’s thrown his way, and still has explosive speed and power. 

A receiver like Roy Williams.

And as happy as I am as a Lions fan that this trade went down the way it did, with Williams (whom I like) going to a contender and the Lions salvaging some promise in the middle of despair, I’d be pretty pumped if I was a Cowboys fan, too. Williams is the real deal, and the fact that the Cowboys are immediately trying to sign him to a long-term deal tells me that they don’t want T.O. anymore. Who would?

They just found something better.

Mark my words, Terrell Owens is not long for the Cowboys, and they will now be better off without him.