NFL: Confidence and Motivation Equal Wins

Nik ScaliseContributor IOctober 14, 2008

It is incredible what can happen in the NFL when you find a team that believes in themselves and is completely motivated to win.

In week six, the Colts, Jaguars, Saints, Chargers and Browns all proved that belief and motivation are the keys to winning any game against any opponent.

They combined 1,483 passing yards and 20 TDs.  WOW!

Last night, the Giants vs. Browns was such a perfect demonstration.  You had the Giants who were 4-0, who were considered the most prolific offense, and who are arguably the best team in the NFL.  Then, you had the Browns that were dead last in the NFL in nearly every offensive category, and most importantly had 11.5 points per game.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Browns had high expectations this season. Due to injuries early on, they had looked like a semi-pro team.  With their back against the wall, in an early season must-win situation, they beat the mighty Giants in every aspect of the game.

In my opinion, this is what motivation can do to a team that believes in themselves and is confident about their capabilities.  The Giants had no answer for the motivational support and emotions that the Browns showed last night.

Coaches who can get this kind of confidence and inspiration out of their players week-in and week-out will always be in a position to win the game.  Unfortunately, there are times when no matter how well you coach, or how well you play, it becomes nearly impossible to match and defeat a team who are collectively in this motivational ZONE.

Look out for these situations; I see Lions at Texans and Broncos at Patriots as possible inspiration mismatches.  Texans and Patriots should be highly motivated at home against the Lions who are looking at 0-16 and Denver who are struggling on the road this year.

Got to love the NFL, any given Sunday.