Dicky Lyons Jr.: A True Kentucky Wildcat

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

Close your eyes for a moment.

Now remember growing up and your mother or father always told you one simple thing. Something that people should always remember.

"Don't take what you have for granted—someday it may just be gone. After it is gone, you realize what you had."

Such a simple saying that everybody just let slip past and out of their minds.

That is something that, since Saturday, I can't get off my mind and out of my thoughts.

Ever since Dicky Lyons Jr. was tackled after making a catch and went down in obvious pain, it just sticks in my mind.

That moment is when you ask the college football gods, "Why?"

"What did he do to deserve this?"

A young student-athlete doesn't deserve this, but it is part of the game.

It is the part of life. One must end and another begin.

It was on Monday that the news came: A torn posterior cruciate ligament and a torn medial collateral ligament.

"I feel bad for Dicky. He's had a great career and made a lot of great plays," UK Coach Rich Brooks said to the Herald Leader. "He's a crowd favorite who's meant a lot to the program. To see his career end in that manner is obviously disappointing."

It is just sad to see a young man miss the rest of the season and his career at the University of Kentucky.

Who couldn't but like Dicky? He made football fun again at UK.

No matter the age, young or old, you couldn't help but like him and his antics.

Yes, he was cocky, but he backed up what he said.

Remember back two years ago, Dicky said at a press conference, "Yeah, we'll beat Mississippi State."

You better believe that he went out there and left in all on the line, like any other day. He even had more catches than Burton, Johnson and Tamme.

Yes, he made the coaches mad, but he sparked his team and lead them to their first bowl game in years.

What about that block last year he made on LSU defender Craig Steltz? He sent him flying into outer space with that hit.

Hit up YouTube and you will find it, along with more.

The media day for the SEC was just funny. Nobody couldn't help but laugh at his story of his fiancee and Matthew Stafford. It just made the air easier to breathe.

It just makes me sad to know that last Saturday will be his last game in Kentucky blue and white.

As a fan, I want to personally thank Mr. Lyons for the fun, passion, and love of the game that he showed from day one to the last catch.

I just hope one day when I tune in to watch the NFL, that he is there playing the game with every ounce of passion he displayed at Kentucky.

Thank you again, Dicky, for all the great times.