Abort Mission: Houston Rockets Continue to Disappoint

Anthony SciottiContributor IJanuary 17, 2008

The last two years, the Houston Rockets have finished the regular season with a record easily above .500, and a playoff seed somewhere between fourth and sixth. 

This year, they came into the season with nothing lost, and more gained then an awful lot of the other teams in the NBA.

But the Rockets have yet to play up to their potential, and they are in trouble yet again this season.

With the loss of McGrady to injury, its obvious that the Rockets' scoring would decline, but more than a lot of people would have expected. Along with the Lakers and the Cavaliers, the Rockets depend upon one or two players to score over 60 percent of their points. 

It was plain to see that when LeBron was out, the Cavs had an awful lot of trouble, and the same could be said about Kobe. But the Rockets, having lost McGrady for a decent measure of time, have also lost much of their swagger. 

Yao Ming is stuck with a large amount of the scoring load now, and with none of the other four starters averaging over 12 points a game, the Rockets are having a very hard time finding easy baskets.  Also, in my opinion, they were far better off with Jeff Van Gundy as their head coach.

The Rockets have sunk to fourth place in an already-tough Southwest division, with a current record of 20-19. McGrady is still out, and even when or if he returns, there's no telling how much irreversible damage Houston has already suffered—not to mention whether they even have an open shot for a seventh or eighth seed in the playoffs.

In other news on McGrady, he has been reported as saying that after his contract ends in Houston, he could very easily contemplate retirement due to injury.

McGrady has also never gotten out of the first round of the playoffs, wich speaks an awful lot about his clutch performance and decisions.

Dont get me wrong, I love T-Mac and the Rockets, but with the loss of his play leaving a nearly unfillable hole, the future of the Houston Rockets could be very, very bleak.