WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Rapid Reaction to Tonight's PPV Results

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMay 2, 2011

Extreme Rules has gotten off to a fast start with Randy Orton vs. CM Punk in a Last Man Standing match.

Below will be my rapid reaction and rating for each match and my opinion about what it means for the future.


Randy Orton defeats CM Punk in the Last Man Standing Match

As I predicted in my article on Friday, Randy Orton had to win this match, mainly because WWE couldn't afford to send him to SmackDown a loser.

First off, let me say Tommy Dreamer must have faced Sandman in a Singapore Cane match before the PPV started because for some reason, canes were the weapon of choice for this match.

A lot of solid spots, especially the RKO on the announce table, the GTS on the steps, and the finishing RKO off the top rope.

Glad to see that this match got the time it deserved (most likely a consolation for the shortened match at WrestleMania 27).

Match Rating: 8/10

Kofi Kingston defeats Sheamus for the US Title in a Tables Match

I want to start off by saying, why does WWE continue to not advertise matches before the PPV?

It's not like people would not buy it because they hear ahead that Kofi is facing Sheamus, and it might actually attract people to buy it if anything.

I was surprised at the number of solid spots where they both missed the table, and the finish with Kofi's crossbody through the table was a great way to end it.

It slightly lost its luster for not being announced, though.

Expect Kofi to feud with a number of the midcard heels on Raw now, while I believe Sheamus will challenge Christian if he wins the World Championship as expected.

Match Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole and Jack Swagger defeat Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross Country Whipping Match

Please, for the love of God, if you want to continue this feud, fine, but don't ruin the commentary on Raw by having every segment involve bickering between Cole and the other announcers.

Commentary is supposed to be color and play-by-play, not constant whining and complaining that's distracting.

This match had a number of botches involving JR (due to his broken hand) and was slow as predicted.

This feud is just abysmal at this point.

End it and have Cole be Swagger's manager if you don't plan on turning Swagger face.

Match Rating: 0/10

Rey Mysterio defeats Cody Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere Match 

What a great match.

I am on record as saying that Mysterio-Rhodes at WrestleMania 27 was the second-best match (behind Triple H-Undertaker), and so far this is the best match on the card.

I loved the use of the entire arena, especially when they went up the steps and used the concession-stand area. It was a throwback to the days of the 24-7 rule for the old WWF Hardcore title.

Tons of great spots, but the only issue I had was that Mysterio looked like he wanted to use the barriers several times, and Cody missed being in the right spot.

Overall, Mysterio won as a sendoff for his service on SmackDown, but still expect huge things for Rhodes going forward, especially with Orton coming to SmackDown.

Match Rating: 9/10

Layla defeats Michelle McCool in a Loser Leaves WWE Match

As nearly everyone expected, Layla won since McCool wants to take time off.

Nice to see Kharma debut here and destroy Michelle. Hopefully it adds some actual wrestling to the Divas division.

Also, please WWE, put Kelly Kelly on TV more; she is gorgeous and can actually talk.

Match Rating: 3/10


Christian defeats Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match to win the World Heavyweight Title

Congratulations to Christian for winning the World Heavyweight title. I never thought Vince would let that happen, but circumstances beyond his control allowed it to happen.

With that being said, this match was sloppy in my opinion.

There were a number of attempts at high spots that Del Rio did not look comfortable doing.

One in particular was when he went to jump on Christian through the ladder. He clearly tensed up and fell crooked instead of on his back flat (which could have gotten him severely injured).

Del Rio isn't really accustomed to the WWE style of "spot" wrestling yet, and it showed here.

Brodus Clay also took a really bad bump with the small ladder that caused him to bleed all over the floor.

Overall, Del Rio is headed to Raw where I expect him to feud with Cena. While Christian can feud with a top heel like Sheamus or Cody Rhodes.

Match Rating: 5/10

Big Show and Kane defeat Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

Again, announce these matches beforehand.

Honestly, I didn't recognize half the Lumberjacks around the ring and was most angry that Zack Ryder wasn't out there.

I don't understand having the tag team champs on separate shows, unless you plan on making it a title that is defended on both shows.

Look for Barrett to feud with Jackson now and for the Corre to disband (which should have happened via the Draft).

Match Rating: 4/10

John Cena defeats John Morrison and the Miz to win the WWE Championship

Not very surprising as it seems the announcers referenced the Miz's reign in the past tense several times (Booker T, I'm looking at you).

Awesome spots involving John Morrison and Starship Pain from the top of the cage and John Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment off the top rope.

R-Truth getting involved was also expected, so nothing surprising there as Morrison will now feud with Truth full-time.

In my opinion, three people in a cage match is too many, as it seemed like there were too many things going on at one time to pay attention to.

Match Rating: 6/10

Overall, great PPV highlighted by three new champions and two great matches featuring Randy Orton and CM Punk and Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes.

I am very interested to tune into Raw tomorrow night to see how this plays out.

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