UFC 129 Results: Ranking the Top 10 Featherweights in the UFC

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

UFC 129 Results: Ranking the Top 10 Featherweights in the UFC

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    LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 01:  Mixed martial artist Jose Aldo (R) and his manager Ed Soares arrive at the third annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2010 at the Palms Casino Resort December 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Mil
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    The featherweights last night put on a show. Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick both showed tremendous heart and wanted to win the title so bad they would have done anything to obtain it.

    Hominick walked out with a swelling on his forehead, and Aldo walked away looking like he could actually be beaten.

    Now that the featherweight bout is over with, who are the top featherweights in the UFC at the current moment?

    Here is the list of the top 10 featherweights in the UFC.

10. Michihiro Omigawa

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    Age: 35 years old

    Record: 12-9-1

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision loss against Chad Mendes

    Next Fight: vs. Darren Elkins, UFC 131

    Reason: Omigawa is far off from a title and at age 35, most likely will never receive a shot at the UFC featherweight title. He's coming off of a tough loss to Mendes and is now set to face Darren Elkins at UFC 131 to try and improve his record.

9. Erik Koch

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    Age: 22 years old

    Record: 12-1

    Most Recent Fight: First round knockout victory against Raphael Assuncao

    Next Fight: vs. Cub Swanson at UFC 132

    Reason: Koch is coming off of an impressive victory over Assuncao and his young career has been helped because of it. Koch's only loss came against Chad Mendes who is now considered the number one contender for Jose Aldo's featherweight belt. Koch needs a few victories over good opponents to get a rematch with Mendes, and Cub Swanson is a good start.

8. Josh Grispi

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    Age: 22 years old

    Record: 14-2

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision loss against Dustin Poirier

    Next Fight: vs. George Roop at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale 

    Reason: Grispi is an impressive fighter and has compiled a great record with wins over the likes of Jens Pulver, LC Davis and a win over last night's challenger for the featherweight belt, Mark Hominick. Now Grispi faces a tough opponent in George Roop that could catapult him further into the division.

7. Rani Yahya

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    Age: 26 years old

    Record: 16-6

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision victory over Mike Brown

    Next Fight: vs. Dustin Poirier, UFC 131

    Reason: Yahya has had an up and down past five fights. He's lost and he's won some. Not what you want. His last win though comes against Mike Brown. Although Brown has been having issues lately, he still marks a quality win for Yahya. Yahya has also beaten the likes of Mark Hominick and Eddie Wineland.

6. Dustin Poirier

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    Age: 22 years old 

    Record: 9-1

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision victory over Josh Grispi

    Next Fight: vs. Rani Yahya, UFC 131

    Reason: Dustin Poirier comes in as the sixth ranked featherweight on this list. Why? He's only 22-years-old and has come out to a 9-1 start to his career with a win over another name on this list Josh Grispi. Poirier has a great career ahead of him and can definitely get a bigger jump with a win over Rani Yahya at UFC 131 in June. 

5. Diego Nunes

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    Age: 28 years old

    Record: 16-1

    Most Recent Fight: Split decision victory against Mike Brown

    Next Fight: vs. Kenny Florian, UFC 131

    Reason: Nunes is deserving to be on this list and at 16-1, it's hard to say otherwise. He will be Kenny Florian's first fight at featherweight and with a loss, could help catapult Kenny Florian to the top of the line for a shot at the featherweight title. Nunes has victories over Mike Brown and Raphael Assuncao, although all of his wins in the WEC came from the judges scorecard, he's a top fighter and knows how to win.

4. Mark Hominick

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    Age: 28 years old

    Record: 20-9

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision loss against Jose Aldo

    Next Fight: N/A

    Reason: Mark Hominick showed a tremendous amount of heart last night against Jose Aldo and has proven himself a top featherweight and a force to be reckoned with. Hominick know must wait for his giant softball-sized swelling to go down to fight again and who knows when that will be. Hominick is a top striker and showed last night his ground game is pretty good as well.

3. Manny Gamburyan

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    Age: 29 years old

    Record: 11-5

    Most Recent Fight: Second round knockout loss to Jose Aldo

    Next Fight: vs. Tyson Griffin, UFC Live: Marquardt vs. Johnson

    Reason: Gamburyan is another top featherweight and is coming off of a featherweight title bout with Jose Aldo. Gamburyan now looks to get a rematch with Aldo and get his career back on track with a win over Tyson Griffin at UFC Live in late June.

2. Chad Mendes

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    Age: 26 years old

    Record: 10-0

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision win against Michihiro Omigawa

    Next Fight: Possibly Jose Aldo at UFC 133

    Reason: Mendes is possibly the next in line to face Jose Aldo and could do so at UFC 133. A rumor as of now Mendes looks to take charge of this title shot and use his good wrestling to take Aldo down. After last night Mendes got an idea of how to beat Aldo and make him, yet again, look mortal.

1. Jose Aldo

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    Age: 24 years old

    Record: 19-1

    Most Recent Fight: Unanimous decision victory against Mark Hominick

    Next Fight: Possibly Chad Mendes at UFC 133

    Reason: Not going to explain this one. He's 19-1 and is the UFC featherweight champion. He more than deserves No. 1.