Detroit Lions trade Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2008

Over the offseason, many people have questioned whether the Dallas Cowboys should get another veteran receiver to go alongside Terrell Owens. Jerry Jones refused to re-sign Terry Glenn, citing that he wanted the Cowboys' younger receivers to gain experience.

The Cowboys have lost many players during the last week. Quarterback Tony Romo is out for up to four weeks with a broken finger. Punter Matt McBriar is out for the season due to a broken foot. Wide receiver Sam Hurd is still out. Defensive players Pat Watkins, Roy Williams, and Terence Newman are out due to injury, and Adam Jones is now serving a suspension of at least four games for an incident involving his bodyguard.

The Dallas Cowboys have had many reasons to worry, but it looks like there is at least some good news to report. Pro Bowl wide receiver Roy Williams is coming home to Texas. The Dallas Cowboys have traded at least their next first, third, and sixth-round draft picks for the star receiver and a seventh-round pick.

Roy Williams went to Odessa Permian High School. The high school is my former high school's major football rival and also the subject of the movie Friday Night Lights.

He is suspected to take over the No. 2 receiver spot, and the No. 3 available to either Patrick Crayton or Miles Austin.

This is good for the Cowboys, since they have needed another receiver to take coverage off of Terrell Owens. I am only surprised it wasn't Ocho Cinco, since he was very complimentary (butt-kissing) of the city of Dallas. The funny thing is the Cowboys' locker room is going to be even more chaotic having to deal with two Roy Williams.

"Hey Roy!" "No, not you Roy, the other Roy." It is going to be a great season for this team. I still believe they can win the Super Bowl, because the Cowboys have survived so many troubles in their life as a franchise and still remain my team.

Cowboys fans stay strong. This is good news for the offense, and remember that these injuries are only temporary, and so is the suspension. The Cowboys are not the best team right now, but they don't need to be now. They need to be the best at Christmas, just like the Giants were.