WWE: Dazed and Confused! Why WWE Is Scrammbling on What to Do

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 1, 2011

WWE is the worldwide leader in “Sports Entertainment” …we as fans have witnessed the golden era “80’s”; the “Attitude Era” and bump up to the current times now dubbed the “PG Era."

Everyone knows to be successful in the entertainment world you always have to reinvent/recreate; even the hottest thing going can become stale real quick. Time flies by quick if you are in the entertainment field you have to switch things up fast to stay relevant and important in some fans eyes.

If you look at the WWE product now and see what fans have to say, you see more criticism then praise for today’s product.

WWE has taken certain approach to grow and expand to stay relevant. WWE has been doing some rebranding as of late which means WWE is no longer the land of “wrestling”…wait what?!?

Yeah so what are we watching then…to answer my own question “Sports Entertainment” is the answer.

But if you ask fans they would say this is not the right approach. WWE is looking to clean up their image and if you think about it they been doing so for a while now.

No more chair shots to the head although this is for health reasons; no more blood; less foul language and also reaching out to the younger generation more.

Those and other key factors have fans frustrated and tired of the current product. It seems like fans have better ideas for the company then the people working behind the scenes.

It’s like WWE does not know what to do any more. After WCW was bought out and shut down we witnessed some great moments. Those moments started to slow down and it seems like ultimately are starting to phase out.

WrestleMania 27 was suppose to be a huge event but as it played out for fans in attendance at the Georgia Dome and for the fans at home it wasn’t that great.

The only key moment from that event that fans will remember is the Taker versus Triple H matchup. Is this the only factor WWE will depend on for a great event? I hope not because after the first matchup with Shawn Michaels versus Undertaker it seems that way.

It feels like if Undertakers match goes well then it’s a great show. But for fans who have been around and watched WWE for awhile would have to disagree. WrestleMania is supposed to be stacked and filled with a bunch of incredible moments.

After the event it was said that Vince and others were disappointed in the ending of the show and with the Cole versus Lawler bout.

Um you should be very disappointed in the whole show. The card was booked all wrong and the order of the event was questionable.

But this is now passed and we can’t ponder on that event forever.

Now let’s turn the attention to this year’s WWE Draft.

This makes fans wonder if WWE is doing too much second guessing and if they truly know if they know what they want to do with the product.

We start off the show with a battle royal with Smackdown stars against Raw stars. The Smackdown stars would prevail which would lead to John Cena…yes John Cena heading over to the “blue brand”.

Fans at home and in attendance would jump for joy for the time being.

As the night went on it would seem WWE would be truly changing the landscape of each show.

We would see Del Rio and Mysterio head over to Raw which would send Sin Cara to Smackdown.

Okay this is a head scratcher as we know we have seen Mysterio on Raw before and that did not go over to well as Mysterio seems out of place on Raw. Also WWE wanted to add face power to the Smackdown brand but they end up sending one of Smackdown’s biggest faces to Raw.

Now they seem to counter that with sending Sin Cara to Smackdown, which does make sense as they are trying to build him up and he should do well on Smackdown.

Now Del Rio to Raw did make sense for a bit but then if you think about it this one doesn’t make sense either.

Okay hate it or love it Del Rio and Miz are the two biggest heels in the WWE right now. Now you have both of them on one show. This means one of them is going to have to take a back seat most likely Miz as they are building up Del Rio. Also it is rumored that we will see a feud between Del Rio and Cena leading into SummerSlam.

This will be a good feud but it will kill off the hard work Miz has done to build up his character. Now many have speculated something will happen to send Miz over to Smackdown.

But if you ask me they should have just left Cena on Smackdon, Triple H did it why can’t he?

Also Raw is the leading show for WWE so with Cena still on Raw he will take up a lot of the main storylines. If WWE would have kept Cena on Smackdown this would have lead WWE introducing new stars to a new audience who don’t tune in on Friday nights.

But no we won’t see that we will be hit with another series of Cena on Raw.  The main purpose for this year’s draft was to add faces or a major face to the blue brand. WWE went with Randy Orton which is okay but Orton plays a much better heel then a baby-face (that’s just my own opinion).

So we will have to see how that plays out. Now another thing that is confusing what is the WWE going to do with the world title? If they place it on Christian then they will have to build him up as a major baby-face. Now with Orton on Smackdown now this will place Orton in limbo with nothing to do really so it looks like will see Henry versus Orton feud.

Which is great Henry deserves a push and also they need major heels on Smackdown which WWE seem to forget about.

But now we might see a curve ball but who knows, I believe WWE still doesn’t know what they are going to do. Maybe we could see Del Rio winning the belt. Then somehow the Miz retains and heads over to the blue brand with Alex Riley. Then we will have that heel to face-off against Christian.

If this is the case then Christians push will basically be dead as Miz is very high on Miz right now a looking to push him even harder and maybe turn him into a face.

WWE needs to sit down and plan all this out everything is out of wack behind the scenes it seems like but hey its WWE maybe they have it all planed and waiting for it to pan out.

We still have to see what the real purposes for the Corre and the new Nexus which it would seem that there is no purpose they are just there to be there.

Also we have yet to figure out who is the mysterious GM of Raw. Which is mind boggling this storyline has went on way to long, you would think WWE will figure this out by now.

(Laughs) just make it “Diesel” Kevin Nash and make up a wacky idea on why he makes the decisions he does and why he favors Miz sometimes.

That was just a joke it would have made sense awhile ago but this storyline is so far gone.

Like stated above WWE needs to sit down and pan things out because right now they are looking dazed and confused!




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